iPhone Bike Mount

by aylr Oct 9, 2010
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could you make one for the htc one m7 please

bruhnato 20004 /42 & batman = turd

Hey there, I tried to to derive an iphone 4/s mount from this.... but the polygonal mesh I imported in Rhino had missing surfaces. Does anyone know of any fixes for this file? ="thingiverse-0d14e3ef9e05269b449abdfcf5c8c60a:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-0d14e3ef9e05269b449abdfcf5c8c60a/Chazah seemed to have the same problem. 

Hey dude nice creation I made the case so far but had some trouble when using kisslicer with support 'on' left it overnight just to discover a huge block of plastic half completed :'( :'(

Also when I tried to print the mount just then i also got extra triangluar shapes which didnt show up in kisslicer ? ...

What am I missing ?

I have never used kisslicer. I'm more of a slic3r guy now. I designed the mount so that no support is needed as long as you print it as it is oriented in the stl. Post a pic and I'd love to take a peek!

I have been trying to design a case just like this for my galaxy tab 7 which is a bit bigger. Thanks for the idea.

Had to sand it a little bit so the parts would mate properly, but it works fine. It also fits the iPhone 4 with the original Apple bumper pretty good without any modifications.

For the iphone4 with apple bumper, I just scaled the width by x1.02. I have only been able to complete about 70% of the print of the case before something fails on the print, but that is good enough. Put the iphone in a ziplock and into the holder. Went for a few rides already works nice.

This is a cool idea, I think I will use it. Instead of a metal hose clamp which can rust or scratch your paint use the new Flexi-Clamp. It is no-rust, non-conductive, re-usable and can tighten to 75 psi. Come watch the video:


Pretty nifty. I might use this for some ideas on how to do my car mount for my Samsung Vibrant. The depth dimensions are almost perfect, but the height and width are a little off. How rough is the plastic on the metal backing of the iPhone? My Vibrant has a hard plastic backing and I'm afraid it will scuff it up.

It's as rough as you sand it. The plastic is ok, the real issue is when grit gets between the plastic and the device.

Please use the mating functional parts of the model, I'd love to make more interchangeable mounts for different devices.

I made a case (thing 4461) for the HTC EVO to fit your mount, I used your case mount dimensions but it is really tight.

Awesome. Love your case design. The tightness of the fit will definitely be changed by your personal skein settings and I prefer to make it tight then file it for a perfect fit. Mine took a fair bit of filing too. Great work!

I'm looking at your current version and it appears that there is nothing holding the phone in place on the top. Is there no cap or am I missing something? Is there enough pressure there to keep it in place on a bumpy bike ride?

If you look at the sketchup file you can see that I've been experimenting with different cap methods. I haven't yet found one I'm happy with. Perhaps we can collaborate on a "lid"?

Otherwise, the fit is perfectly snug for my taste having ridden many bumpy road bike miles. I printed one for a cyclist friend and his genius contribution was to add a small piece of rubber from an old tube to the bottom that grips the curve of the phone and really snugged up the fit.

I have a fe
w that didn't print fully thanks to a malfunctioning extruder and they work quite well too even though they are half or 3/4 cases.

My thought was simply a Velcro stick cap. My phone, however, has the audio and USB connection on the top, so a cap works for me as a mount for the USB and 3.5mm audio, so I will put a cap on mine. I've been playing with the file and I think I have an idea that will work for my phone, but only because mine has a little chin on the bottom of the back side, so it isn't flat like the iPhone. A cap with a wedge that makes sure the phone fits snugly and is pushed to the front. I was thinking that a felt lining or some similar cloth would be in order to prevent scuffing and whatnot.

For the iPhone version a simple Velcro strap across the top would store the phone solidly, not create extra bulk, and be reusable. The only issue I see with it is that you have to go out and buy a roll of Velcro.

Opps, that was me. Didn't realize I wasn't logged in. Not sure how it double posted.

Will do. I haven't decided how I will mount it in my car yet, I need to get in there and figure out some mount points.