iPod 4 Touch Cases

by aubenc Jan 22, 2013
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Hi, can you make for IPod 5G please ?

Hi, sorry but no, I can't.
I can't get my hands on such a device and, even if I could get the measuremts from the internet, I would not be able to test and adjust to a nice fit. Also, it's quite a few hours work to make something I will never use myself.
Hope you'll understand

when I downloaded a dual extrusion file only one part appears when I opened the file.

If I'm not wrong, your slicer needs two files to print a dual model, thus yes, you need to download two different STL's, one is not enough.
You may like to take a look in the "Instructions" tab in order to know which two files you need for a given model.

Hey, if you collect this item do you get all because i only want the black one. If you can get me just the black one (because its really cool) please reply and send me a link Thanks :D

You may like to click on the "Thing Files" tab and then on "iP4_zCase.stl" (I think this is the one you want).
Don't forget to upload a picture ("I Made One") if you print it!

Thanks you replied just in time, i'm in a class (im in 7th grade first year with making stuff) Thanks so much! :3

it is so cool i have one for my ipod thanks for making this

Glad you like it, thanks for the comment!

How did you print the white one? I tried printing it and when I took the pieces off of the raft, the individual pieces in the middle weren't stuck together and now I'm using scotch tape to hold it all together :(

I used a MakerBot Replicator 2, by the way, with a single extruder.

I assume (forgive me if I'm wrong) that you are printing this in PLA and quick/coarse settings/profile (layer height >= 0.30mm). I don't remember how thick I designed the top layers that should hold the "tiles" but you should get at least 2 solid layers. The extruder temperature should also be high enough to ensure that that each layer bonds well with the previous one and low enough to be able to remove the raft easily. Btw, I never use a raft. I printed mine in ABS on kapton, blue painter's tape should do the trick for PLA. Talking about materials, tolerances (for ABS) are quite small and PLA may not be flexible enough and break when inserting the iPod into this thing. I hope you can get around the issues you're finding with this and we see another "made" popping up in the makes section. Good luck and thank you for giving this thing a try!

Wow! Thank you for responding so quickly! I'm a major 3D printing newbie--your case was actually my first print!--and so I didn't even understand a lot of this. I think my main issue was that I only printed one file and didn't put both together like I was supposed to (sorry!), hence the strangeness of it all. But thank you so much for all of the great tips, I will definitely head back to the printer and reprint the case without using a raft because it is very beautiful :) I have little choice in the material because this printer is the only one the school actually lets students use for fun, but even if the iPod doesn't fit into the case, I still think it will be a pretty display! Thank you so much again for being so helpful to a newbie like me and design/print on! :D

When I tried to print this it got all bend and the 2nd time I tried it started leaking out random strings and that time it was on the right temperature. I'm not sure if it's like the case or the printer and I'm guessing it's my printer but the case is printing all sloppy and bend and it doesn't even print the zebra print! :(

Sorry to read that :(
I never had any problem, some people had others didn't...
I can identify the problems reported so far as "user related issues")
...hope you get around to print them some time!

I contacted my customer support :P I really want to print these so I hope they get back to me soon!

just wondering why does the iPod 4 touch keep slipping out of the case it is the same size
but just turns out bigger do u know why...?

Hey, sorry to read that.
There's a huge number of reasons why this could be happening, ranging from printer's precision to enviromental conditions, I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to give you a concise answer.
Are you printing this in PLA? I do not recommend to do so. 9 chances on the 10 that a properly sized PLA case will break too easily because this thing needs more flexibility than PLA is able to deliver.
In order to get a right fit you may like to use the test STL files and follow the instructions.

Glad you like it, thanks!

Hey there, I made one but it came out a little big, the iPod just slips out, any ideas?

I just uploaded 4 new test fit STL that use much less material and print fairly quick. The instructions have also been updated to (try to) explain how to use them to scale the "real" STL and get a nice fit.

Sorry for the troubles and thanks a lot for pointing this out!!

Can you tell me the printing quality? and which 3d printed have you used for this?

Sure, I've been printing these in a Replicator Dual, I cannot remember what was the resolution used for the ones pictured here, I guess they where sliced at 0.20mm... a few days ago I printed another one at this resolution and it came out really well.

Thank you man!!!!

what material is that made of just plastic

some are made from ABS and other from PLA
both plastic :)
they can be made of whatever the material it can be 3D printed (or machined)


When I downloaded this model and opened it in Sketchup, it appeared to be enormous. The width of the case was approximately 1561 millimeters. I know that can't be right. I have no idea how that happened, but every time I re-download/re-open it doesn't change anything. Either way, the case is HUGE and I can't print it. Would you be willing to help?


Looks like your Sketchup set-up is taking mm as inches (1561/25.4 = 61.46 which is about what it should be). Unfortunately, I cannot help on how to fix that, I guess it should be easy to find the answer with a search on the internet.

Hope it helps, cheers

I had to run the model (iP4_gCase_500.stl) through Netfabb Studio for repairs, but after that it was perfect!

Oh! Sorry for the trouble. I did not notice the issue when I sliced them (ReplicatorG 0039) but I was not paying much attention neither. Mine printed flawless but now I'm little bit worried about people finding it hard to slice the STLs...

Thank you very much for the comment and the print!!