Note 3 VR Headset Dive cardboard

by ubergeekseven Aug 24, 2014
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Hey! I'm sorry to bother you again, but I was wondering if you can tell me how many of the parts I need to print. Obviously the lens holder/slider need only one, but do i need to print 2 of all of the smaller parts? :) Also, what is the difference between the note3 clip and cover? Thanks!

Edit after printing several parts;

Hey again haha, I'm running into some questions;

First, I currently have printed the lensholderandfoam, the inner adjustmentlens. The PhoneSurround is currently printing, but I'm wondering as to whether the inneradjustmentlens is supposed to go IN the Phonesurround?
Second, I was wondering where the "cogs" are supposed to go, and what they would turn? As far as I can tell with the parts I have printed so far, I can't seem to ind any grooves for the cogs to fall into.

Edit: Okay, disregard all of the above haha, I've figured it out after printing most of the parts. How did you heat the cogs to fit in the bolts? They seem quite large, and I'm afraid the cogs will lose their structure/strength if heated to fit them. Also, if the cog moves the lensholder and instert, wont the large bolt stick out on the foam side in your face if you twist it too much?

Also, I'm not getting notified of your posts, so that's another reason I haven't replied quickly.

I've been put off town. Sorry. I usually use a soldering iron to hold the nut and then press it in to the center. I trim the excess plastic afterword. The bolt has a flat head and extends out past the thumb wheel. If I have time, Tonight I will take mine apart and take pictures, perhaps a video. I really need to make a detailed build for you. It's a lot of parts, but the larger clip works somewhat well. I have gone to just using elastic to hold it against the device. I can upload that later.

Sorry for not responding sooner. I have a couple different lens holders on here. Someone requested a smaller version. Actually, 45mm focal should be fine. The focal distance is adjustable. The ipd is not. I just did an ipd of the majority of people. The immersion is caused by your brain tricking you. If enough is happening in the world, and you have headphones on, and you look around, it will be impressive. I don't have tone to redesign right now, but if the lenses don't fit the smaller lens holder, you could always make a small ring to make up the difference. Let me know how it goes.

Hey, thanks for your reply! Okay, I ordered the 38mm lenses with the 50mm focal lenght, but I might also get the 50mm with 50mm focal lenght just to test whether it improves the "experience". Don't worry about redesigning, I'll make it work!! Already appreciate the work and effort you put in to get here haha. I might also get the ones with the 45mm focal just to test the differences. I'll post my updates as soon as it's working! :)

Hey! First of great project!!

As I am about to get started on printing, I have a couple of questions, will these work with 38mm glasses on a focal lenght of 45mm? As of now there is now way to adjust the lenses yet right?

P.S. What would the difference be between the 38mm version and the 50mm version of the glasses? Will it make a difference in "immersion" or is it just a convenience thing? Thanks!!

Sorry, I didn't reply to your comment, I just wrote a new comment. Look at the previous comment I posted. But I also linked to the project on here. You can access the original project using inventor, or another 3d cad program. You might be able to import my objects in to another program through a plugin of some sort. I only use autodesk because I get it for free and I'm used to the interface.

Wow! This is wonderful! :)

I have a Nexus 6 and was wondering wether it will fit. It is a slightly larger phone than the Note 3. Is there any chance that you would be able to get me a modified back cover for the Nexus 6 (159.3 x 83 x 10.1 mm (6.27 x 3.27 x 0.40 in)).

Thank you so much for this! It looks great! :)

I'm in the middle of moving right now and haven't had much time recently. But, I have provided a link to download the original files for autodesk inventor. You are free to modify to your content.
There is a chance that it will fit anyway. You could load the model and see the dimensions. I cant remember off the top of my head, but I made it larger than my phone and added some foam to make it fit.
My newest fix for multiple phones has been to add an x with elastic to expand and hold most larger phones.
I've also added a things elastic band and one that connects from the front to the back and uses plastic claps to click together easily.
I would love to modify this more, and I may soon. But I can't do much more than file away projects that seem to grow larger daily.
Also, thanks for your comment. Im glad to hear that people like my designs.

any chance of the source files or a 30mm version?

Yes and yes. I will attempt to create a 30 mm size in the next few days if possible. It's pretty busy right now. But I can supply the files for sure. The only thing is, they were created using inventor 2015 so you may have compatibility issues if you use an earlier version. But if using something else, like solid works, you should be able to do an import. Most of the files are completed, but after a few requests from others on sizes, I broke some dependencies without correcting in those designs. As long as you don't mind some of my sloppy files, I am happy to give them away. I can post a Google drive share for everyone.

Any idea as to the order of assembly? I'm still unclear as to how the majority of these fasteners go in, especially seeing as the sides are asymmetrical but the BOM suggests symmetrical application.

I totally plan on doing a build with pictures and instructions. I have been stupid busy with buying a new house recently. But I will try and explain it simply now. The long bolt goes through all of the parts from front to back and I heated the end with the head to seat it in the plastic. Then the main front frame slides over the inner one and the bolt goes through it, then the eye plate goes over that.
the thumb wheel needs a nut heated and seated within it. then you can screw it on to adjust the depth of the front plate. I used hot glue to connect the eye plate to the inner sliding piece. The strap connector on the inner sliding piece is connected again by heating another nut and embedding the nut on the inner part of the inner sliding piece. Then the bolt threads through the cap and through the strap connector then through the inner sliding piece to the nut. This allows a sturdy connection while still rotating. I stopped using the lens holder on the inside of the eye plate and just used small dots of hot glue to hold the lens. I have two different lens holders, because a person requested a larger design. I have not had time to put the new lenses in and test them, But as a test I tried to set them at the correct IPD and when I did so, the edges of the phone were visible. I recommend using the smaller lenses as of now. They fill the entire screen at the focal distance suggested.

I will attempt to put up pictures and maybe a video detailing how to assemble this, this weekend. I wish I had more hours in the day.

is there any way to adjust these to use the 25mm lenses that come with the google cardboard kit as having alot of trouble getting the 38mm or 50mm here in the uk?

I am from portugal and got the lenses from here with no problem:

Besides, I create a cardboard with the dive lenses and they are to small. I thing is best you get a new ones.

So I looked at the part and measured up the part and it turns out the lens is actually 51 mm on the money. The lens is actually 50mm but there is a groove slanted outword that adds another 1mm to the total diameter. The lens is also 3mm thick at the groove. I should have given you the specs before letting you work on the model. Is it possible you could incorporate a v groove into the model thats 0.5mm deep all around. This would give a total of 1mm deep groove and should make the lens fit snug. Here is a link that would give you a rough idea about the groove in the lens holder : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:422496

Dive Note 3

that is possible, I am going to order these lenses to check everything myself. Also, did you measure both lenses? I have ordered multiple sizes and have found that they usually are roughly the same size, but the thickness of the rim is different. I think they get the best glass they can that fits the focal distance and then they grind it to be roughly the correct size.
let me know if that is the case for your lenses. I have found that with these problems, it is kind of hard to get them to "pop" in without being skewed slightly and throwing off the effect. To fix this, I made lens holders that fit the lens and then glued that to the plate. But this introduces some more distance between the eyes and the glass.
I ended up putting small dots of hot glue around the rim of the part where the glass sits. Then I pushed the lenses in until I had them level. They have stayed there ever since. You will notice that I put a filet around that rim. I increased the size of the hole to 49.5mm and then put a filet on it, and that should increase the width enough to where the rim of the optics "nuzzles" inand allows the optics to stick out of the back side slightly.
I looked at your link, and I have used that design to hold lenses before. That is what I tried to mimic in my design with that holder I have on there for the smaller lens. I may have removed it because it was visible while looking through it. With the lens not having anything touching it on the outer part of the rim, it actually gives less of a feeling of binoculars. you cant see the edge, and that helps with immersion.
If you have not tried to print that plate yet, can you start the print and end it when it finishes the lens part only? That way you can see how it fits in the current one and then when I get my lenses in, I will perfect the way it fits. I may get a couple sets and cut the edge off one side to see if that works. It should, and I bet you will get a much better view when in it.

amazon is acting weird for me right now. The app says that the page is having problems. I have never seen amazon have website issues before.

Just to let you know that these lenses are made with glass so cutting them to make them for won't work. Also the price is for one.

I ordered 4 of them. Also, I can cut glass. It is a softer glass than borosilicate, and I cut borosilicate with a diamond wheel. You can do this using a dremel with a diamond disk, the full disk not the one with sections cut for cooling. Then just slowly allow water to continuously drip on the glass as you cut it. You can do it easily and the lenses are cheap. I will try it and post on it when I get them on Tuesday.

So i got the chance to check the sizes of both of the lenses I got and guess what... they are completely off. One is 51mm as mentioned, the other, 48mm... i'm going to have to get some replacements that are 50mm.

Comments deleted.

Can you post the link and description for the lens ?!

Great project, the best I seen so far :)
Can you make a version for smaller phones ?!
In my case I have a Nexus 5, I print the the front part of the Headset and is to big for my phone.

ok. I finally had time to do this. It should be ok. But i am going off of the dimensons online and not by holding it in my hand. I increased the size of the tray so that light doesnt leak in.

Let me know if that works for you.

Also, if anyone wants the actual inventor project files, I can supply them.

i will do this. I might not get to it until tomorrow. Very busy tonight. I have to look up the dimensions, it might not be a perfect fit, bit a bit of foam should keep it steady. then again, i might just do something that I have been thinking about and make it adjustable to fit as many devices as I can. or different trays.

Thanks a lot :P

Maybe this thing help on measures.:

Nexus 5 body shape
by soswow

Awesome! I'll post the printed parts once the files have been updated. Thank you so much!

here you go.let me know what is wrong. I do not have 50mm lenses to test with. but the ipd is the same in this as the previous. which means that your nose needs to be pretty thin to use it. but maybe not. if so, maybe cutting the lens down on the inside of the nose area would be better. otherwise, you are not going to be able to use a much wider ipd without big issues.

sorry, i am just now getting to this. give me a bit and i'll upload.

No need to apologize my friend. You making adjustment is a huge help. So take your time and thank you again!

Could you make a lens holder to hold 50mm lenses? Great design by the way!

another thing, I will make a couple changes to the faceplate, I had an issue in which a part broke off, I will thicken that area to keep this from happening. And I will add some twist knobs, i do not have a better word for it, to the connectors for the faceplate. This will ensure that the plate is fully secure.

yes. I will upload a version with 50mm lens holders. Maybe by the end of today. I should be able to get to it at my lunch break. Also, I might upload several lens holders so that anyone can use it. Thanks for the compliment on the design. your comments give me motivation.

Thanks, I am looking forward to this. It is one of the best (if not the best) looking sets available.

also, that clip on the back is useless, it is too thin. I will upload that later today too. I made one more like the new samsung gear vr headset in the back. In the future, you could attach an external battery to the back for longer playing times.

I will upload a redesign of the front plate. The one currently is unnecessarily large. If you start to print something, print the other parts first, then come back to get the new front plate. It will take a third of the time to print it and work just as well while letting you charge, plug in controllers or headphones without an issue.

sorry, i didn't realize how messy the upload became. I have removed all unused parts and extras. If i have time I will try and plate all the small parts as one print. You should be able to see how it goes together now.

The lenses snap in to the eye holes in the faceplate. I had to use a file to remove a bit of material to get them in perfectly. But then I used small amounts of hot glue in 4 places around the edge of the front of the lens. You cant see it at all when on and it is a little extra pressure holding it back.

The lens holder did not work out as I wanted them to.

it appears as if some of the files are the same. I am looking at the available pieces and dont see where the lens are held in the housing or where the device woould fit against the face.