Egg Slicer

by hockenmaier Aug 25, 2014
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ABS is not food safe, so NO. you can't print with ABS. if you want food safe and dishwasher safe, PETG is the best

While PLA isn't dishwasher safe, it is more foodsafe. If I end up having the time to print this, I'll do it in PLA. I can wash it by hand just fine.

I should clarify - the reason I think you really want to put printed food items in a dishwasher if possible is because of the high temperatures dishwashers get to. Printed things are porous by nature, and you really want to wash them really hot in order to kill anything living in the middle of the print. ABS can stand these hotter temperatures.

Great design, man. Works great. My fiance loves it.

Dude, this is awesome. i love it. I don't have a heated bed or ABS at the moment but when I get some I"ll make this for sure. Cant find an egg slicer anywhere in Australia. Crazieness!

So Clever!!

Nice design. Thanks! I might print one of these as I lost my old one

I like this project but I'm just asking. The materials used in 3d printing isn't of food grade. Is this then a practical project?

You're right, but there are a few things you could do to make the material less porous such as acetone dipping / vapor treating (another advantage of ABS) as well as applying an epoxy or urethane coating (this is already done for ceramic dishes, which would not be food safe otherwise). Also if you use ABS, you can boil it to clean it, which should kill the bacteria collecting.

FDM 3D printers, at least those for home use, will probably never print things that are technically FDA certified food grade, but then again any scratched plastic dishes or utensils in you cupboard aren't either.