Box for 10 nintendo DS/3DS games

by peterpur Jan 23, 2013
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The lid seems to come scaled down quite a bit. It's only 5mm long.

yup, sorry, my fail. the correct upscaling is as if 2540% (the usual inch/mm mixup). when i find time, i will make a new model and upload it.

Hi i printed the box it looks great BTW the only problem i had is when i came to print the lid the STL file is tiny and my slicer told me that it would take 2mm of filament to print is there a problem with the source file?

So I printed the base looks awesome, fits the cartridges well. But I also printed the lid, for the base that uses the lid. It slides on great, but the little "boss" notch doesnt seem to lock into anything. So the lid just slides off if you tilt the whole thing at an angle. I can't lift the lid off, which is great. But the slide feature does not secure itself. Any suggestions?

sorry, no. it really is a question of very small tolerances from printer to printer. maybe if you overextrude just a little, you can make a lid that sticks (like mine do).

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I love this design but it's too big for my printer. Would you consider making a case for 6-8 games? Or maybe make one that holds 10 cartridges in two rows.

Prints fairly well, with some minor issues on my Replicator 2x. Printed with ABS, and had some issues with the overhang. The walls are also very thin on the lid. It closes pretty well, but I'm afraid that any significant pressure on the lid could crack it. Also, the lid was the wrong scale when imported, and I had to size it up to the stated 41mm.

Overall, a very nice design. Carts fit snug in the slots. I just wish Nintendo would of made Top labels, or put the name of the game across the top of the existing label instead of the System Name!

Also, I found that 2 (Full size) SD cards fit fairly well if you turn them sideways in a slot. Keeps my Micro SD's and their readers safe with my games.

I experience an error when trying to export any of these files. I use an Replicator 2, anyone else have this problem?

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Just a suggestion, have you considered adding additional slots for one or two spare SD cards as some people use more than one to store some stuff? It could be useful.

The scale for the lid doesn't work for me either. I've scaled it up 20 to 25 percent, and that seems close, but i'm not sure i'm wiling to print it without knowing. I'm using ReplicatorG with Skeinforge to slice. Bottom printed perfectly.

i use pleasant3D to set measurements on stl files. it would allow you to set the width of the lit to 41mm. it's a OS X software though, but you might find something equivalent on other platforms. sorry for the problems, i'll look into them as soon as i find some leftover time in the gutter :/

I know this is three and a half years down the road, but the problem seems to be a simple unit mismatch-- the lid is exported in some imperial unit while the base is metric. Scaling by 2540% seems to fix this.

The scale on the lid seems too small when I bring it into Slic3r. Is anyone else seeing this issue?

could it be some mm/inch issue? both base + lid should be 41mm wide - maybe you can just set that in some utility or in the slicer?

Scale the lid by 2050%

Almost. It looks like it is indeed an in/cm thing. I scaled it 2540% in MakerWare (2.54cm to an in) instead and got a perfect match.

Thanks for the reply, I'll take a look. I try to work in metric when possible. I ended up printing the lidless version and it came out great, thanks for the design.

I printed the model with the lid, and I'm quite impressed with the arrangement and fit of the cartridges. The only thing I couldn't get to work right is the lid... it came out with very thin walls on the sides, and I'm afraid the layers will bend and separate. I wonder if you beefed up the sidewalls of the lid (and body to match the profile), if the object would be more sturdy.
I'm printing the "lidless" one right now... I'm printing two... one of me, and one for my 7 year old daughter. This storage device is really great. Thanks for making and posting. :)

as for the side walls, i can certainly add some structural strengthening to the walls, maybe even without making the box wider, as there is room left on the inside.

for the back end, i wanted to make both ends of the case parallel. i can see the overhang problem (which i don't have on our printer), and i will try to think of a solution.

also, thank you for your feedback :-D

Also, maybe the angle on the back end of the case could be brought more "upright", so the layers build without overhang (without needing to use support).

i'm still pondering this. i could make a version that has a basic support structure that snaps off easily included, as i don't want to compromise the nice parallel lines of the lid and the back end. then again, i could just swallow my stupid designers pride and make a steeper angle. oh well.

do one for N64 games! this is cool!

i dont have any N64 games, but i can give you the sketchup files if you want to afapt it yourself

better yet, recreate it as a Customizer script so it can be a Universal Video Game Cartridge box. Then submit it to the "useful" category in the Thingiverse Customizer Challenge. Possibly it wins you a Replicator 2X. Win Win.

ooo sounds interesting. thanks for the hint!