Olaf Mold

by rocketboy Aug 25, 2014
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What do you print the mold with? Regular PLA? Is any separating agent necessary with Oogoo?
I've seen many of your casts and they look like they come off pretty cleanly.
I never did one so far, but I wanted to give it a try :)

You can print the mold with anything, but yes I generally use whatever pla is in the machine. No release is required with oogoo. If things are sticking you didnt add enough corn starch or wait long enough, or both.

I did my first cast using astroboy and was actually surprised at how good it came out. Mixing was also less painful than expected. Squeezing oogoo into small holes nicely is the only tricky part really.

I wonder if you tried to mix oximic or alcoxidic silicone instead of the acetic one? They are generally referred to as "neutral cure".
By themselves they take slightly longer to cure, but at least oximic silicone is almost as cheap as acetic and doesn't smell as strong while curing, which would make the process a bit more pleasant :)

I haven't tried other types of silicon, it's on my list, but there's a lot of things on the list and it's not getting any shorter. I'd be interested in hearing how your experiments work out. Yes the curing process is stinky, we tend to only do it on nice days outside. Also I've found if you don't add vanilla or another smell to the silicon when casting and you keep the resulting products in airtight containers the vinegar smell comes back.

What is the best thing to put in the mold?

I use Oogoo, it's flexible can be made any colour, and it's cheap and easy to make. You can find some great instructions on making it here: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-Your-Own-Sugru-Substitute/

print in 100% infiil?

Comments deleted.

100% is way overkill, 15-20% should be more than enough

I love your molds, and I love Oogoo. I tried it out the other week on your recommendation. Awesome stuff. I really want to get casting.

Is there some sort of parametric customizable thing here that does that when you enter a file? I would love to do this with my lucky cat at least to start.

There is a thing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:31581 as a base that I use for making my molds. For it to work your mesh needs to be 100% manifold with no unbound edges or duplicate faces. I generally load the mesh in Meshlab, do quadratic edge fold to decimate down to ~15K faces and then render Boundry edges and non-manifold edges and faces so I can see where all the errors are and then I fix them by hand in Sketchup. I can make a mold of the cat next myself if you'd like (this one right? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:440876) it'll probably take me awhile though, there are over 100 problems with the mesh, probably can do it for next week some time though.

Parametric two-part mold generator for OpenSCAD
Lucky Cat and Friends