Customizable Hinged Polyhedra

by mathgrrl Aug 25, 2014
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Wow, if you watch maker's muse he almost copied your idea as you came out before him. If you want to know he said he created these and he calls them polypanels. I just want you to get all the credit you deserve.

It's MakeAnything that's doing the whole PolyPanels thing, has he actually claimed that he created the idea/design of them? It's not like "his" creation is just inspired by these, they're exactly the same :/

Awesome designs, really appreciate it, but is there any reason as to why the pieces of the cube are not snapping together? The hinges around the central square work perfectly, but the pieces are not snapping together. I do have it set to 0.3mm. Thank you!

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great work. thanks. can u make a cuboid please

These are so fun to look at and play around with!

Thank you for creating and sharing this clever set of designs :)

Thank you and you're welcome! :)

What temperature and infil would you recommend extruding the Icso? I am currently running on a Maker 2 at 235 C with normal white PLA, no rafts or supports, with 0.30 layer height and 15% infil. Also, do you recommend changing the shell number? I am set to 1 right now.

can u make a 3 or 5 frequency deodesic dome cusomizable hinged one? whereby in customizer i can change the frequency to 1, 3, 5, 7 etc?? plz..

The dodec was showing up wrong in the slicer so i fixed it with meshlab:


if you have time edit your files with this because it's the same but with a tighter mesh

corrected mathgrrl hinged dodec so it has fixed vertex edges

This is one of my most favorites! Nice job!!

I'm gonna print these as level tokens for the card game Munchkin. That way everyone can play with their levels when they don't have anything better to do :D

what a great idea! i'm definitely stealing that idea for our Munchkin game :)

I am addicted to printing the dodecahedrons. I simply can not stop. I have scaled them up to 1.5x and now in a fit of insanity have broken the STL up into its components and printing each face as large as it will fit on the bed. Where will it end?

Have you seen the poly-snaps at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:208591 ? I love the idea of maxing out the size of these. You could use the Customizer to make very large, but still thin/flat, versions.

Poly-Snaps: Tiles for Building Polyhedra

Now how did I miss those?

Thanks so much.
I toast to platonic solids