300W power supply enclosure for 3D printer

by dc42 Aug 26, 2014
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Great idea, and thanks for linking or listing the part numbers. Since the power supply link lists many and of different sizes, could you add the dimensions of the PSU your design is defaulted to? I'll download the code and figure it out but for others it'd make quick work of knowing if it would work for their PSU.

The PSU case that the printed part fits over is 110mm wide x 50mm high.

That blue connector looks really nice. Where can I buy it?

It's a Neutrik connector, available from Maplin, Farnell, and other component distributors.

You do know that the Neutrik - Powercon (blue) is a power IN connector and not a power out.

Yes I am aware that it is intend as a power in connector not an out connector. But Maplin doesn't sell the out-version. It really doesn't matter in this case because, unlike some other connectors, there is no danger of shorting the pins together. If you are buying from a component distributor that sells the out-version, then by all means get those instead.

What type of braided cable did you use to connect power supply to duet? What amp capacity?

I used this: http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/shark-loudspeaker-connection-cable-high-quality-ofc-s12-priced-per-metre-xs37s. It's a bit over the top (oxygen-free copper and all that rubbish), but was readily available and I only needed a metre of it. It's too large to fit in the Duet terminal block, so I have a 2-way chocolate block connector just outside the enclosure for the Duet (and now DueX4 as well), and I use the conductors from 30A ring main cable to make the connections between that and the Duet and X4.