Printrbot Simple Metal RPi Camera Bed Mount

by Jerware Aug 27, 2014
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Does not fit RPi 5MP camera (rev 1.3)

will this fit a CR-10 build plate and will it fit the V2 raspberry pi camera?

Thanks for this - I am wanting to make a few modifications and the STLs are being rather difficult. Would you be able to upload a step/iges or something that is a little easier to work with? The main one I want to modify is the caseBack file. Would be very much appreciated.

Sorry, the source files were lost when 123Design shut down earlier this year.

which arm will fit wanhao i3 ?

great work!
The re-inforced arm is wrong. The hole where the hex bolt is supposed to go is infilled.
It should be hollow. I thought my settings were wrong but it seems it is the stl file.


No hex bolt needed here. What would you use that for?

Yes, you are correct. I was using this for use with the raspbery pi that mounts to it..which uses the hex bolt.
My bad. I'll reprint with the non support arm :)

I printed reinforced arm in PLA, and it was EXTREMELY tight on my Heated Bed. I widened the opening half a millimeter and that fit perfectly -- but after a day of heated bed printing, it was looser than I liked. Fortunately, I had kept the "too tight", and I shoved it on, and have printed for a few hours and it is now tight-but-reasonable.

tl;dr: Reinforced Arm in PLA starts too tight but heated bed loosens it up; it's good as-is.

Possible improvements might be some ratchet features on the pivot points, to encourage the camera adjustments to stick.
Also thinking about adding mounting pins to mount my RPI case right to the reinforced arm.

Ha. Got my first roll of ABS today. Running my heated bed at 105 distorted the PLA Reinforced Arm significantly. Going to try one in ABS.

Has anyone else experience a shift in printing for the reinforced arm file? I have tried several times to print and when it gets to the last layer of the arm there's a strange reconfigure & shudder, then the print continues off-center. I keep canceling it. Any ideas of what might be causing this appreciated.

Apparently the printer just needed me to say this on a public forum as I have now passed the point where this occurred, on attempt #4.

Very cool, I'm enjoying mine, thank you! Quick question. I find that the Printrbot moves fast enough that it causes the camera to slowly shift on its axis until it's pointing straight down. How do you tighten that up? Just superglue?

Yep! A couple drops of super glue on each hinge has kept mine completely secure.

How did you get the camera lens to stay in? I ordered one, and it fits in place but is not held tightly and will fall out easily.

Hmm... Mine stayed in for months using just friction, printed at 100%. Maybe try reducing the size to 99%? To be honest, a few weeks ago I moved to a different RPi camera with a mounted lens and it's a great improvement. I'll upload the STL holder for that and link to the camera shortly, if you want it.

I'd love to check out the new camera and holder!



RPi Camera Case for Fisheye Camera
by Jerware

Has anyone tried using this on a printer with the heated bed? It would have to be printed with ABS or other high temp material. But how well does ABS hold up to the higher temp of the bed over a period of time?

You don't need to print it with ABS as this mounts to the wings of the heated bed and does not get hot enough to impact the PLA. I've been using mine, printed in natural PLA, for a while now without any issue at all.

That's good to know. I just worried because the wings on mine get pretty hot when I print ABS. But since I did have some ABS, figured I would go ahead and print it with that anyways.

What is "holePiece.stl" for?

It mates with either of the "Arm" pieces to secure the mount on the print bed. You can see it here:


I have found that it's not always necessary, but it's there if you want it.

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