Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

1405 Simple Printed Frame

by iamjonlawrence Aug 27, 2014
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have you made any extended X and Z upgrades that can improve the size of the print volume?

Have expanded my x to 300 y to 200 and z to 250 Still having step problems on the x. I just haven't had the time to figure it out because I just got a Hictop CR-10 x300 y300 z 400 and I'm busy with it.

Hi, I have the 2013/2014 simple, the one just before the 1405, if I print this and all other mod for the 1405 will there be any components issues other than a lack of auto level probe. Many thanks!

I cant say enough about how great this is.. between this and the other dual resolution mods; my bot is more stable and accurate than ever. Thanks.. Now to work on making it all pretty..

Hay I was wondering if I use this body on a simple can the printer still be assembled with the same settings as normal?

.. I love it! This is a great place to start if you have the simple 2013/2014 and want to upgrade. I am almost done printing every part I need.. and a few spares just so I can be sure I can get it running without any small setbacks. One thing that bothers me is that now I will have the XL upgrade for my 2014 just laying around collecting dust... .. I love having my spool up there on top - it also does a lot to stabilize the longer Z rods. Can you ad the capability on the main base to allow you to mount the XL board / upgrade to the new printed base? The one real challenge is going to be moving the fan mount to the opposite side.. I would rather not drill a hole in the XL board. One more thing... Jon.. I am a engineering technician by trade. ... and it really thrills me to get involved with your engineering talent. Every good engineer needs a good technician to 'steer the ship" (I do plan on sending the rest of the wood that is being replaced by your designs to one of my troops (I'm USAF) who is taking mechanical engineering).

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So i guess your spool holder does not attach to this new base?

Unfortunately not. On the bright side, the spool holder will stand on its own...

Thank you, thank you, Jon! Most if not all of us with 4 pieces of wood left have contemplated designs to get rid of those last pieces and I'm so happy you came up with a solution yourself. Printing the box now. I've been putting off installing longer Z rods because I feel like there is wear and tear every time I pull them in and out. I've never been totally happy with Printrbot's design for mounting and stabilization of the Z-rods and much prefer your design at least from the looks of it.

I'm curious. How long does it take you to come up with a design like this start to finish and what software do you use to create it? And, if you don't mind, how many years experience do you have doing this?

I'm so impressed and envious of your ability. You own the whole process that plaques many 3D printer enthusiasts; design.

In the real world I am a mechanical engineer who designs machines with about 10 years experience. Not much of a stretch to transition over to here...

These designs were done in SolidWorks. The time required is difficult to say. Maybe a few hours to sketch up a concept, then slowly refine it a little here and there. Some come together quick, others I scrap and rework several times over before settling on something I am happy with. This is purely a hobby so I tend to loose track of the time.

Jon, well done! Definitely goes to what we were once discussing on the printrbotalk forum!! Great job!

Always this incredible work Jon ! Thanks !

Did they increase the diameter of the Z axis rods??? from the simple 2013/2014 for the 1405? or will the ones I already have work? might add that spec to the diagram?

The rod diameters are still all 8mm. Only the Metal version increased the rod diameters.

You crazy bastard...!!!! Wow... good work.. I can hardly keep up!

I really like this mod, but my printer is not large enough to print (stock bed with heated bed on top). Does anyone know where I can get this printed cheaply or if it is cheaper to buy a larger bed? Will you release a version to fit the stock bed?

I had to work my way up... that is really the only way to do it right.. look at the past mods.... and sort of start will a smaller upgrade and then a bigger build platform.. then bigger... that is the way most of us have done it... this will also sort of help you get to know you printer really well..

Dear Sir,
Thank you for such a good design, cannt wait to test it.
One question here, where do I place the printrboard? I think you can add another plate for holding it (like the old Simple does on the left side). And then it will be totally kickass .

I will take a look when I get some free time. Sounds simple enough and we need to put the darn thing somewhere...

If it is to go on the riser... it would be better on the outside.. things get really cramped as some know.. unless it is recessed.

Should we even call it a printrbot at this point? I mean, unless you use the hotend there's nothing original left, is there?
Out of curiosity, what improvements would this make over the stock wood housing? I see you've integrated feet for more stability, as well as fan vents for the X axis stepper, and the double precision mod seems to be in place, but am I missing anything?
Absolutely love all your modifications for the simple by the way, you've made my printer better than I could have ever imagined it would become :-)

You are correct, no stock plywood parts left. I would still like to reference the Printrobt Simple to pay homage to the machine from whence it came.

The improvements are as you mentioned along with being completely printable. The hope is to increase accessibility of 3d printers to the masses. If you like the design, print out two and give one to somebody without a printer. Pay it forward if you will.

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