Angel Hair Pasta

by ravix Jan 24, 2013
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Are supports or rafting required?

lmao why is this is even a thing

Because we've all been there :)

Damn, I'm hungry now! lol

Thank you for putting this under the common license, I am now legally producing this...
Dave Bacon

broooooooo lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooo ur funny as fuck for that one

printed it and i got a box? guess no angel hair for this chrismas.. : (

I can feel you, its a burden that our printers are so well balanced its taking away all the fun :D

Ce que j'adore, quand l'imprimante a terminé d'imprimer, c'est qu'elle déplace le plateau pour te présenter ça et elle te dit limite : "J'ai enfin fini ce que tu m'as demandé"

What I love, when the printer finished printing is that it moves the tray to introduce you the task and it almost tells you: "I finally finished what you asked me"

My first print ever bliss

I made a PLAball while I was sleeping the other day. Delish!

wow :)
you used the support?

mine did not turn out as great as yours did, what was the settings you used??


I don't get it... What's so funny?

My son calls it "Bad Spaghetti".


What lAyer resolution and infill do you recommend? Also, will it print without a heated bed at all? And last question, what material you recommend, some high end exotic I'm guessing. I'll try it with some of this 50 dollar per 250g stuff I got, I want it to look it's best. Lol.

Dude, I printed this and it turned out super sick! It's AMAZING!

There's a dark side to the internet. I guess this is how it manifests on Thingiverse.

Ahh, so what we need now is an Angel Hair Pasta Detector? Surely with all this wonderful stuff being made there is such a thing.

Oh Man - loudest I have laughed since I started 3D printing ! classic !

Haha I love the way "accidental". Happens to the bests of us

I tryed it it tastes so yummy #yes

LOL! This is so relevant right now.

this is just mest up doe XD

Comments deleted.

I've been having issues getting this to print correctly :/ Sometimes I get a dinosaur, other times a pencil holder, and this one time I got a set of gears.
What am I doing wrong?

I am so sorry to hear you are having problems printing this! :(

if my filament doesnt stick to my platform then this happens to mee too xd.
One time i went away, with the expection that my print would be awsome if i'd be back. Nope, i hour later my UP! Mini was completely filled with this.

Although many others are FAR better than mine. I put in my 2 cents.

I make this all the time.

ABS parts are the best at this. Especially if the part is really large.

indeed, it is amazing what abs can do :)

I'll bet this is the most common object printed on 3D printers.... :-) I know I've done my part!

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA highlight of the day! :)

I just made one yesterday out of my Autobot vs Decepticon model lol Well done! Great model! :)

On my first Prusa my hot end had suicided by the brass tube overheating and getting pushed out of the PTFE barrel that it was inside. My filament had forced its way through and... I came back to my heater, brass tube and one foot of filament dragging all over my prints and heated bed.

It seemed like the hot end had said "SCREW YOU; I ain't printing for you no more!"

How did it get up on the top of the y-stage? That is an impressive fail.

Blue angel hair pasta - better than green eggs and ham! :-)

Turns out I've been making this for months without even knowing it.

Hey, I made some last night. I started a print and immediately went to bed. Woke up with Chinese rice noodles (clear PLA).

i swear there must be some sort of printer god.. because as soon as i walk away.. things go bad.. but if i watch it for 8 hours straight, it prints just fine!

I know this feeling so damn well x'D

Made it with my own special recipe., But like boiling water, it never happens if you watch for it..

I think this is a derivative of one of my objects! :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing how many others have made this. :)

Someone added it to their "Things to Make" list. LOL.