Infill 3D Bowden 75 Geared Extruder

by Infill3D Aug 28, 2014
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Has this been used with a replicator dual? And wpuld the steps per millimeter need to be adjusted?

Ever got around to making 3mm?

Hi i need it to 3mm filament and 608 bearing, can you make it? Thanks..

I am building this extruder right now and I was wondering if the bearing insert is supposed to flex the idler piece. I think it is too big.

Great Design. Any progress on updating it for a standard hobbed bolt?

I updated and uploaded the std hobbed bolt version, here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:566791.

v2 Infill 3D Bowden 75 Geared Extruder

Now that you mention it, yes! I have forgotten to double check it and post it, when I get a bit of time I'll do that.

Comments deleted.

Thank you RaptorFX you noticed, there is a detail that I think helps is the chamfer at the top of the gears, they do not end in a sharp small point, it does not affect the functionality of the gears and I think it makes them easier to print, also I do print the with with a bunch of other stuff so they have time to cool down before the next layer comes around that helps too.
I can't think of anything else that I did to those gears but I might be forgetting something, they where done with Autodesk Inventor.

Do you use any specifc tools for designig the gears? They print out amazingly good.

Can you make one that uses 608 bearings I'll probably be using a hyena so the hob position doesn't matter to me but 608'2 will be bigger so it will also benefit people using regular hobedbolts if you make a bigger version

Hi mokash770, I am working on a version that uses a standard hobbed bolt with that said it still uses 688ZZ bearings, it is done in software but I haven't had the time to double check it an make sure it is functional, when I get some time I will.
At the size that the extruder is right now it can't use 608ZZ bearings, the gears would need to be scaled taking away from what I am trying to do (make it smaller).

No worries I just purchased a pack of 10 688 on ebay for 3 bucks but now I noticed the bowden fitting isn't m6. Is it an easy to find item like at home depot

P. S. Great work I love your designs a bit on the beefy side and a bit to branded but they all look really cool.

I am almost forgot to say, thank you for the complement.

It is a 1/8 Pipe thread, should be easier to find than an M6.

Hey Mate, I love this extruder design and feeling like giving it a go. It looks great.

Just a question, why won't standard hobbled bolts work with this?

Hi, it uses a hobbed bolt where the distances between the center of the groove and the base of the head is 18.5mm+/-, a standard hobbed bolt is about 25mm+/-, I made it that way since I wanted to be small.
A few people asked for a standard size hobbed bolt, I am working on it, is 95% done I just need to go over everything and check the assembly in software if everything checks out I'll post it.
Give me a few days I have some responsibilities that I need to complete first, as soon as I find some time I'll complete it.