Friendly mousetrap, fully printable

by satoer Jan 25, 2013
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I built one for some uninvited guests. Will let you know how it goes! It looks and feels like a great design and printed very nicely with PLA on my CR10 using raspberry pi and octoprint(great combination). Thank you for this design!

Caught my first mouse,

Model printed out nicely at 80% size, 30% infill, no support structure, 40mm print speed, .15 layer thickness. Took awhile to print cage. Only things I had to do was file on door bolt silde pockets. Just waiting for mouse to meet Jack Links Jerky, lol.
Thanks for the cool desighn!

Comments deleted.

All the parts fitted perfectly together once we had worked out how to assemble it. Great functionality as well. This is an excellent design. The mouse started to chew through the back end of the trap and had its little nosy pushed into the hole but fortunately we heard the noise of the chewing and were able take it outside before it could make the hole large enough to escape. One mouse saved! I made is on a C10 in PLA with 30% fill and left support on by accident but I understand it can be printed without support.

Another first-day success story. I printed a trap last night and the bank vole which has been living in our lounge for the last two days has now been returned to the woods. Many thanks for a brilliant design.

Great design, many thanks!
Mouse is playing far from our house now, where i've released it!
Printed it at 90% size. Works perfect!

Then what do you do with the mice? If you just let them go they will come back.

Nice design.

Get them far enough away and they wont

and fuck you up

May I have CAD files? I would like to make a slight modification, so the trap actually works similar to my company's Humane Live Animal Traps. I don't really want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to. Thanks!

Just tried printing mousetrap_Top_V6 and the round tabs which secure the top to the cage were not attached to the print. I ran the STL through netfabb and now I have a STL that will print the round tabs and actually have them attached to the part.

I had this same problem. I use Simplify 3D as my slicer. I think there is a bug in the program. I sliced it with Slic3r PE and it worked without a problem.

I tried this but they still are not attached.

This trap WORKS! Two mice in two days. Both ~2hrs after setting the trap. Used Sharp Cheddar and an cherry icing sugar cookie as bait.

Just make sure the seesaw, gate and lock move freely. I printed at .3mm which made the parts a little rough. Shaving each piece slightly with a razor blade, and "worked" each component until loose. The bar to snap the lock on the cage top is fragile... the trap works without if you do break it while assembling.

The mice chewed through the ABS cage on two traps. The second, I wrapped with aluminum window/door screening mesh which did the trick.

Thank you!

Sorry I havn't posted any pictures, maybe I will get to that sometime soon. But I recently printed this and it could not have worked any better. I had to print at 75% because of printer size, but I still caught 7 mice in about 2 weeks. I had to do a bit of sanding, and resorted using wire cutters to widen the notches at the top of the cage so that the "top" just sat in there, and I glued it in. I was having difficulties with snapping them together, but the superglue held it together great.

FYI mice can chew through this, but as long as you give them enough peanut butter and check it often enough you will be okay. For holes chewed in i have been patching it with unused filament, and just supergluing it in. Seems to do the trick just fine.

What is the optimal print setting for this? I dont want micky chewin through it

This thing is GREAT! Great job on the model and the exploded view makes putting it together a snap!

We finished up the final sanding and such last night. We had our first mouse this morning. We are planning checking it about every four hours or so to ensure mice are not left in there for extended periods of time (avoid the possibility of chewing their way out).

We printed on our Robo 3D with PLA using an 8mm nozzle, 20% infill, 1.6 layer height. The drastically shortened print time but required more finishing work, my pics will have blue painters tape on them to ensure the bait door stayed shut. Note the post print finishing and the blue tape is not a fault of the model it was a fault in my print settings (8mm nozzle, print speed, layer height etc).

Next print (if needed) I will try at 4mm nozzle or maybe just a smaller layer height and slower print speed, but for now this thing is doing a fine job! Thanks @satoer

I don't think them mouse cares about how good the trap looks

Friendly mouse trap? Does it also catch unfriendly mice?

My lastest batch of mice keep chewing through the trap. Would it be possible to get a remix of this trap with solid walls?

The other night I got two mice at the same time in one trap. That's pretty good! Once in a while they do try to chew through the side. I just cover the hole with duct tape and it seems good for a while.

Full success! Just caught our first mouse within few hours - bait was chocolate... Who could resist? ;)

I made this a year ago, but just made some more with the latest revisions. It seemed to go together a little easier and I didn't break anything. Well done! I have a suggestion on the top door. Right now the top door needs support, only for the little nubs sticking out. You could put a little block under those nubs and no support would be needed. It wouldn't interfere with the assembly of the trap at all. Just extend the top surface out a little.
Support is a problem in Makeware because with support turned on, it fills the hex pattern and it's a pain to clean out. I created 2 separate block objects and placed them on the plate just below the nubs so I didn't have to use it.
My dad uses these traps in his garden and gets a vole every day. He just asked for more traps He likes them because they are sensitive enough to catch a tiny vole, yet he doesn't have to worry about his fingers every time he sets them.

I take that back, a block would keep the top door from rotating. The block will have to be break away. (mine were)

I made the PLA, works very well, I'm caught in the basement for nine moles. The first eight went smoothly, but the ninth made ??a hole in the side of the trap. The bait was small and the mole was there overnight, so it would become hungry.

Just caught my first mouse! This thing is awesome!

I've having a problem with the little piece that the door blocker swings on. It keeps breaking off. It seems to be only the width of that space, even though the piece it's part of has carved out holes it looks like it should fit into. Any thoughts?

It had that too, the part breaking off.. but i just inserted the little bar that broke off into the doorlock and then pushed it back in at the little marks on it. Kinda thought that was designed like that ;)
Anyway it works here.

Didn't have problems myself. It's designed to snap-fit together. Did you print it smaler than the original size? Maybe put the part in boiling water to make it more flexable put it over the axis and bend it back in shape while it cooles down?

I'm seeing the same problem. The when I look at the code that's generated, the shaft that the door blocker swings on is in the gap, but then where it's supposed to connect to the rest of the top, there is a hole the same size. I wish I could include a picture. It's like the material got removed in the top where the shaft would merge with it. Is this s slicing error?

Netfabb also helped me.

What I ended up doing was running that part of the trap through netfabb, and when I reprinted it, that piece was much sturdier! It's all assembled now.

Anyone have the gcode file for the cage? Slic3r keeps crashing on me at about 60%, which I didn't realize until I had printed out half a cage and it just stopped. Annoying.

I've sliced and printed also using Slic3r. I don't think my Gcode is very useful because its generated specifically for my Felix printer. Unless you've got the same printer of course. Isn't it a firmware problem on you're 3D printer that hangs on a specific part of G-code? Or is the Gcode only half generated? (Compare the Z height of the generated Gcode and the actual object)

Correct, it was a silly of me to request the gcode. Anyway, I had to run a repair on a few of the STL files before they would slice properly. Once repaired, everything has been sliced and printed. Trap is set! Thanks for the great design!

I also had to do a little sanding. I think because PLA Is stiffer than ABS. The notches were a little too tight to press together. It's really a nice design, I didn't appreciate it until I had one in my hands.

Nice design, printed a couple already, time for my house friend to move on, next stop nearest field.

Printing this on medium resolution with the Makerbot 2 took quite some time (~~ 12 hours) and needed a little bit of filing/sanding before things came together properly. However, last night we caught our first mouse with it - worked great!

Thanks for sharing! I’ve already caught almost a dozen mice with it. And although they probably can chew trough the bars, they never do. They just give up.
I'm curious what needed sanding, for tolerance calculation for future models. I would love to see your print, can you share a picture?

as a tip - mice will chew through almost anything if they an get their teeth around it.
I assume you check your traps regularly, for people that don't - this is a bigger risk.

I haven't attempted this but I'm taking notes as I may design something inspired by this soon.

"...and the world will beat a path to your door."

Satoer, what software did you use to design this? and to make that screenshot with all the dimensions?

I use 3D studio max for my designs. But It’s not the most convenient way for Industrial designing. I’m a motion graphic designer so that program suits me the most.
The exploded view I also created in 3D studio max and rendered it with V-ray. Everything you see I made myself, so sadly there’s no automated way the measurements, grid andarrows magically appear. But if you if you want to create arrows easily in a 3D program, use the “windings 3” font.

autodesk inventor will do auto dimensions, and if you export parts individually as 3d solid dxf's or stl's you can import and assemble in that.

i like it, makes me wish I had a mouse

set the trap - and soon you will lol

Ummm - it's "bait" not "bate".

Thanks! I changed it. It'ts not my native language ;-)

It looks like it should work, but like CodeCreations said, it better be noisy when it goes off so you can go empty it. I don't think it much matters what kind of plastic it is, a mouse will chew its way out pretty quickly. It will probably take it a while to figure out it can chew it, after that I give it 1/2 hour, definitely not overnight. Maybe you could bait it with peanut butter mixed with benadryl. A sleeping mouse wont chew anything. :)

Tonight I caught a mouse with it, and it probably was trapped all night. No signs of chewing on the PLA

Well, the mouse in picture 3 was really caught with it. So it really works, but I havent tried a mouse endurance test with it

Wow, this is awesome! I wonder if the mouse would chew through it given enough time or if ABS is less tasty than PLA. I'm tempted to make a derivative for which you put the peanut butter on the print bed and then just print the trap over the mouse. :)

It's a beautiful design -- thanks for sharing it!

If you make that derivative, you're going to have to post a video.