Parametric Mouthpiece 2.1

by Robo Jan 25, 2013
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Does anyone know or has anyone tried to make this in PLA. Can PLA be used for this?

Managed to use OpenSCad to make a Mellophone mouthpiece that functions and makes the Bach Mercedes sound better than it already did.

I get this error when attempting to print the customized mouthpiece?

<RuntimeError: Failed to get https://www.thingiverse.com/download:124579 403: Forbidden>

Download the .scad file and use it in OpenSCad. It's easy to use and it works.

As do I. I seem to get it on everything I try to use Customizer for.
Customizer just absolutely sucks

Is there any video of this being played available?

Anybody know the settings for a Bach 12C mouthpiece?

This is a great design. My daughter is thinking of trying a new mouthpiece and so I printed several with slight variations. That way she could see what she does and doesn't like. I added to the scad file the text of each of the choices on the outside of the cup using write.scad. It is very helpful to see which one is which.

IMO this is the real power here. You can find a fit that works for YOU that might never even have been for sale anywhere.

Just wondering, but what parameters would I need to use to get something about as wide as a trombone mouthpiece at the mouth that fits on a bassoon bocal?

Thanks... I was looking into designing a custom mouthpiece for my trumpet... and it looks as though you've taken all the work out of it... Thanks again... nicely done, well though out design...

Best Regards - Bob G

Please increase the resolution. I note that on a high-res printer the facets show up. It needs to be smoother.

Hey what parameters are good for a cornet mouthpiece?

I'm looking to make some Flügelhorn mouthpieces. I'm going to customize the file to make sure that it fits my horn.

Has anyone tried carving a wooden mouthpiece on a Shopbot? The back bore would be the biggest problem. And I guess that it would take more than one pass.

This works perfectly on my trumpet

How large is a trombone mouthpiece with a large shank?

What would the perimeters be of a Bach 3c mouthpiece, or where could i find that?

how could i make one for a french horn?

Try these. The rim may feel too thin but I haven't printed it yet.

French Horn D-14

I've customized version for large shank tenor trombones. In first tests it sounded much like the JK 7BL I took the measurements from. Parameters can be found at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:199694http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Large Shank Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece
by Algieba

please make a trombone one!!!!!!!!!! :) idk how to do the custumizer

I've customized it for you: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:53006http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
I'm not sure if it will fit, because I don't have a T-bone.

Also the STL is now added to this page.

Trombone Mouthpiece
by Robo

I'll test out some configurations for a euphonium mouthpiece when my printrbot gets here. The fact that you made a customizer version is great :D

Don't forget to post the parameters when you get them. The backpipe is one of the first ones you want to get right. Have fun!

What would the measurements be for a Bb tuba mouthpiece?

Here are the measurements I took from my Bb Helleberg mouthpiece, but I don't think this works real well for tubas; it looks kind of derpy:


Tuba Helleberg Mouthpiece (trial)

Up for a challenge?
Who can print the loudest instrument on his homeprinter...

I'm definitely trying this when my printrbot arrives

is the stl file the bach 5 you ahd sucsess with? and is that a back 5c?

Very nice! I would like to make one for a trombone, do you know were I could get the proper measurements? googled it but didn't find anything.

I have a Trombone hanging from my ceiling, I'ts now a lamp, so the lamp wire goes through the mouthpiece, making it hard to measure.

Try this:

Print it and check the size with your existing mouthpiece.
Most critical parameters are:

  • Pipe diameters (this is the cone that needs to fit into your instrument).
  • ThroatDiameter This is the smallest hole your air passes through.

Thx, it will give me a good starting point.

I just showed it to a Trombone buddy of mine. It plays well, but it is too wide to fit his trombone, So I'd suggest to change the pipe parameters to be a millimeter smaller:


Have fun!

Everything is in mm, so why not measure an existing moutpiece?

Oh thats simple, I dont have one, its for a gift.