ShipBuilder Starter Set

by Kevinkevin Aug 29, 2014
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The holes of the parts are bigger than 1.75mm. So, the parts does not fit to each other. What should I do ?

This is beautiful. Thank you!!!

(Any chance you can do this with robot parts, please?)

This set is great, and i'm looking forward to printing it.
Here are some ideas for the prints (no weapons, as for your wish):

  • dual-color or snap-on transparent living spheres, cylinders or toruses. Larger individual parts as bases for space stations, with compatible holes - torus, cylinder, disc, hexagon, octagon, etc.
  • square and hexagonal shields on snap-on ball and socket joints, that can rotate and form bigger shields.
  • cargo parts with snapping containers
  • nuclear reactors with the place for led and small battery
  • V-shaped parts with 30 and 60 degree angles
  • Z-shaped remote mounts for reactors and other dangerous stuff
  • different antenna parts, possibly with moving antennas on ball and socket joints
  • organic-shaped irregular parts and corroded or destroyed versions of original parts
  • more pilot parts, in the style of 80's rockets
  • cubes with six connectable sides to create complex ships.

can this fit on a 4X4X4 bed?
update:never mind

I don't think so - try the "mini" version.

So, yeah, as cool as this is, any possibility that we could have the parts STL without the wasted plastic connectors and border? (Not wasted in all situations but certainly wasted in mine)

Thanks for the reminder, I've been meaning to upload them for some time. They should be there now, let me know how it goes.

You did not upload the short connector thing and the hexagonal flat thing. I tried to print, but there are not enough connectors for me, and i had to extensively modify the mesh.

Awesome man, thanks!

I've tried to print this several times, but each time I print it creates a solid base on the bottom (not the raft) and it has none of the space between the pieces like I see in your photos. I'm using a MakerBot Replicator.

Hey - I'm not sure if you had any luck printing this model, but I just uploaded the individual files if you want to try them instead.

I'll give that a shot, thanks! I didn't have any luck trying it those different ways you suggested.

Interesting. What slicing software are you using? Which version of the model did you download?

I'm still new to this - what does slicing software have to do with it? I used the ShipBuilderSTL.stl file with a raft for support. Each time it prints, it just makes a lot of solid plastic where there should be spaces for the sprues. I just download the file straight to the MakerBot software and set it up to print as is. It looks just like it does in the photos, but what comes out is quite different on the base.

And you're sure it isn't the raft? Are the sprues on top of the solid block or are there no sprues at all? I have an older machine so I don't use Makerbot's slicing software at the moment. If there is a defect in the model, some slicing programs will "fix" the defect by trying to make everything solid (and sometimes that works better than others).
I have two suggestions for now:

  1. Try printing without a raft.
  2. In the "Remixes" section of this model there is a "mini" version. The mini version was a newer model, maybe try printing that one and see if it works.

I'll give both of those a shot soon and let you know. Thanks for the advice.

What program did you use to make this? I tried measuring the diameter of both the better fit holes and the original stl. Neither one's holes seemed to be 1.75mm, and both had a slope, so the hole would be larger on one side of a piece than the other. Is there a reason for that? Could I make the holes a real cylinder, since typically one end fits my filament, but the other doesn't? I tried opening it up in Sketchup, but the file is too big. I really want to get this print working!

Hey - I uploaded individual files for the components, hopefully you can dial in the fit better!

Can you send me a private message? Maybe we can try some things out.

I love the model! I tried to print it, but the main holes of the ship were very large (~2.5MM). I printed the better fit version. I want to scale it down, but then the side holes and the 3x connector pieces will be too small. Is the normal STL file the right size for 1.75 filament?

Hey - thanks for the questions.

The original STL is a very close fit, it may require some sanding (with a needle file) or drilling to get the dimensions right. The "better fit" version is a bit loose, I had trouble getting the fit right because everybody's printer is a little different. It definitely takes some trial and error, hopefully you have lots of extra pieces to use by the time you dial in the fit!

I'm very new to MakerBot. I just recently gained access to a MakerBot Replicator Mini and I'm not entirely sure how to work it well yet.

So my totally newbie question: Is this supposed to print vertically, as the file loads itself, or do I need to load it in something else and rotate it first?

Hey - it will not print vertically! You'll have to rotate it. Also, this model will not fit on the Mini, look for the Mini version in the "derivatives" section.

Where can I get the little red tubish things?

That's 1.75mm filament.

Oh, that makes sense. Thanks

We're a member of 3D Hubs!

This is very cool. My 5yo would love a couple of these kits.

For the v2 panel would you be able to add a few "traditional" rocket pieces geared toward space-crazy young kids? Traditional nosecones and booster stages, fins and so on?

Great idea, I'll give it a shot.

I know you like the self branding, but thats a lot of wasted time printing that thick frame.
This would actually be my next print if not for the thick frame.

DonutHands - I've added the individual files (no frame!) if you're still interested in giving this model a shot.

I do love that self branding...

The previous iteration has some of the components without the frame, and I'll probably break the next set into framed and boring versions.

any chance part 2 is gonna have combat stuff? (torpedo tubes, guns, escape pods, stuff like that)

I guess there's no hope for a peaceful future in space - I like the suggestions though, I'll try to work them in.

awsome! cant wait to make a battleship from spare parts XD

I agree with some weapons. Would be good for wargaming.

that's brilliant !

Going to print one put for my mate :-)

Looks very nice. Congrats on the Feature!

OK! I saw the smaller one first and just didn't get it. Now I understand! Very nice concept, great thing to have on had to keep the kids busy for a little while.

Great thing! I love the idea, and my son is loving it as well. As a note, my printer is very well tuned and the holes were to small for my 1.77mm filament (most filament I find is around this size) so people printing this are going to want to take your advice and size up a % or two..or you could put a second model up pre-scaled up for those who don't read instructions ;).

Yeah the fit isn't ideal, working on a better solution for the next set!

About 90mm x 90mm x 90mm probably the smallest print bed ever

I just uploaded a smaller version (80 x 80) - let me know if it works!

I can make something that fits. In the mean time, the previous version of this model has individual parts that you could place in your own configuration.

what i want to know is will their be more designs cause this is AWESOME and i want to see more

i think this is awesome and would love to print it for my son. Unfortunately i only have a printrbot simple 1405 and to get the full greatness of the print i cant scale it down. Could you do this again but say have 2 sprues with half of the parts on each. This is one of the coolest "Things" I've seen.

What size build area do you have? I'm working on a smaller version to fit the MakerBot Mini - I can probably make it fit both.

Dig it! The sprue method is a really great idea, I bet it makes for a more stable print.

Yes and no - it's more of an homage to the models I remember building as a kid.

Of course, but I know it would keep my print from curling, and it's better for storage/keeping track of all the little pieces, so it's a win/win re: nostalgia/utility. Nicely done.

Very very nice. This wins Thingiverse for today. Congratulations!
It was a hard fought victory. :-)

Two points:
1 For those that don't know, the "thing" files are just zip files with a different
extension. Just rename it .zip and unzip it with your usual tools.

2 I suspect the reason the STL is so large is because
makerware (or whatever software you are using) is saving the STL in ASCII
format which is super uncompressed. Load it up in any program (Meshlab, Blender, Netfabb)
to save it back in Binary. Which will be the same file, just smaller filesize.

Yes, looks like the large file is in ASCII.
It is also very very high poly. You could reduce the poly count of the original mesh,
at this size the resolution isn't needed. If someone wanted to scale the plate up much larger
the high res would be useful.

Yeah sounds right. All my attempts so far at reducing the poly count have resulted in some broken geometry - I'll keep at it and post a low poly version soon, really no need for such high resolution for these parts.

Original is 700k faces I've got a 100k version that came out fine I could post it if you like. Meshlab made a mess of it. Blender took it down quite nicely with only a few fixable errors.

I just uploaded a version that's only 2 MB (down from 120). Looks clean although I haven't tested it.

Really awesome set.
printing out some now for the gaming group!

Cool, any chance you might paint one? I'd love to see how it would come out.

Yes please also include the STL file for this wonderful set..

Just added the STL version, it's a huge file for some reason! I'll try and reduce the size and upload a more manageable file.

Great design. And clips to hold filament? Who thinks of this stuff? Amazing (in a good way).

This is incredible. Any chance for an STL file too?