Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Colossi from "Shadow of the Colossus"

by Pink_Iguanas Aug 30, 2014
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I tried to print in a 3d print shop, but I was informed that the files contain inverted faces errors, how do I solve this problem?

is it a possibility for you to upload the statues of them from the temple? it would be nice to have a collection of the 16 statues

Wow, this is amazing work! Were they exported from the actual game? It seems like 2 of the models still have stray polygon planes attached to them (the one that looks like a fish and the one next to it--I'm guessing that was the texture for some sort of effect coming off of it).

Is there any way to fix them up? Either way, great models!

Yeah, I exported the models from a .iso of the game and cleaned them up a bit, but some of the planes are a bit finicky. I might revisit these and clean them up sometime, but I'm working on other projects at the moment. Glad you like them!

Please clean them up a bit I love them so much

Fantastic work! I think Phaedra's "braids" are missing, though (unless they aren't visible from that angle). Love the detail on all of them, especially Hydrus! Wish I had the money to get the whole set printed!

It's incredible that you managed to get these models, but they are not very useful when posed like that. Do you think you could upload them in a T-pose or even in their idle stance ? Thank you very much for your time.

These are beautiful! I cannot thank you enough for these. When I get my 3D printer these will be one of the first things I print.

Do you have a Wander and Agro, by any chance? It'd also be nice if you could have Argus/ones with clubs posed in a swinging motion.

I'll work on the clubs and swords, but I don't think I Wander or Agro are possible, but I'll try.

I'd love to have a little diorama of them all. Even if I have to print out a colossus at 4ft tall