Corvo's Folding Blade [Functional]

by Intentional3D Sep 13, 2014
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Stellar design!

I'm a teacher, and one of my students is hoping to make this Corvo blade.

Unfortunately, when we click on the link to the picture/instructions, the link no longer works. Is there any chance that you still have the picture elsewhere and that it could be shared?

Much appreciated!

Stellar design!

I'm a teacher, and one of my students is hoping to make this Corvo blade.

Unfortunately, when we click on the link to the picture/instructions, the link no longer works. Is there any chance that you still have the picture elsewhere and that it could be shared?

Much appreciated!

This is a ripoff design and does not work properly. At least mine doesn't. It's a piece of crap. If you want the real thing, buy it.

This is not a ripoff as the “original” maker of the design stole from arkane studios and Bethesda. As for this being on Thingiverse, making something free is not breaking any copyright laws

Can you post a video on how to assemble this?

I'm not sure, but is this even legal?

Because of Ammnra's expensive toy design or that its a "weapon" you can make at home?

I made my own copy of ammnra's model (No way in hell am I uploading it, that's one thing I know for sure) and it works pretty well but should I be fine to keep it or do I now have legal issues against me?

Oh damn thats pretty cool you have the model files! I dont see a problem if it isnt uploaded, also shapeways policy is based on "please do not" instead of "it is illegal to" in regards to remaking someone's model. You are on good terms to keep it and shouldn't worry on legal issues against you. It is also entirely ok if you took design aspects and remixed the model heavily. Lots of products out there are remixed or inherit similar traits. Think of a multi tool and how many different ones there are

so i was looking at the files and i put it in 3Dhubs, but i have no idea what Corvos_Folding_Blade_Functional/Wire_Guide.stl is for, can someone tell me if i should print it or just get rid of it to save money?

Pretty late but it's not needed. Save the money if you haven't already.

The only thing I can say to the people having trouble with things not locking:
That's what happens when you steal from Ammnra.

Even if this creator stole from Ammnra, Ammnra stole from Bethesda :D there is no such thing as a unique idea anymore. This person was nice enough to create and post this design for free, while Ammnra charges over a hundred dollars for a toy based on an idea that wasnt his. So ill gladly mess around with the model supplied by Robin Hood, rather than pay the Sheriff of Nottingham. Good day sir.

sir, you forgot the part about the amnra model being as durable as tisue paper. my gf had one made for san diego. it shattered in her purse from being dropped 40 cm. 160 USD plus shipping, and 30 man hours wasted on assembly and painting. mine is this one and whitstood an imbecile hitting a wall with it

Did anyone find a way to lock the tier 2 blade so that it doesn't slips away?

Is it possible you could slice it to the size of the Da Vinci XYZ 1.0a print bed?

how long is the finished product, from the bottom of the handle to tip of the blade

Im printing all the major swords form dishonored and want them all to be the same length so I need to know if I need to scale it when I print it

I'm not 100% sure what the fishing wire is for.

the fishing wire is to be put through the holes in the handle so you can spin it around your hand like in-game

Its so that you can spin it around your thumb and make it look cool like in the game. https://youtu.be/MCTjZz_hxpA

PLA or ABS , what's better ?

PLA (PolyLactic Acid) is a biopolymer, i.e., a biodegradable plastic. It is made from renewable raw materials such as cornstarch or sugarcane. Aside from 3D printing, it is typically used for packaging material, plastic wrap, plastic cups and plastic water bottles. It is considered to be more ecologically friendly than ABS – after all, it’s made from plants.

ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene) is an oil-based plastic. It is a tough material that can be used to create robust plastic objects for everyday use, for example in cars, electrical equipment or even in the popular Lego bricks.

Is there anyway to print this off larger then normal?

Just scale up the percentage in cura

Anybody can say how much it weighs?

I was told by 3D hubs that this was not printable. Odd.

Edit: Was able to find someone to make this work! (https://www.3dhubs.com/service/utica3d)

How do yo find out how much it is to have it printed out? I am also a little confused by having different places doing it for you. Thanks

Would like it better if they didn't rob me and not send me all of the parts. Missing the latch. Not happy

This is absolutly amasing, would you ever atempt on doing the mask from dishonored? preferably Dishonored 2's version as the rez is higher and looks way better

where should I add supports and rafts?

The "Blade", "Handle" and "Claw" pieces should be printed with a raft and supports.

im planning to buy this printed, but im unsure if its going to come with the extra filament (~ 11.6 cm long). could you please edit it so it does. or is there a way to ask for it at the end before paying. it'd be a waste to buy it printed if it doesnt come with everything i need

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If you choose to buy it printed it will send you to 3DHubs where you can choose to have someone nearby with a printer print it for you. We are NOT the ones that would do the printing so we cannot guarantee good results.

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so will the blade just fall into the handle? like if i open it and hold it up will it just fall?

So if i buy this, it will definitely be right size and fully work?

is this legal for you to upload because I'm pretty sure that this design is owned by the original creator?

Design is not Printable :(

i have printed it's not impossible, but its not optimally scaled i scaled it to 150% after saving the blade files as 2 separate files then printed with a raft set at 45 degrees

do you have any pics of your upscaled version? i want it but it looks so small

Is there another way to arrange them so they aren't printed diagonally?

not unless you have a tall printer

You should make a showcase/build instructions video. But i can't wait to print it rather than spend 150 dollars

hey there love this design iv had to modify the latch part so when the blade is extended it correctly locks the first tire of blade section and iv also made the blade 3 mm wider with ought making the housing bigger the first print i did just didn't look right to the eye once iv test printed these parts i will post some pics :D

How'd you fix the locking?

I had to modify the handle, first and second tire of the blade for a retaining pin that locks it in place but is forced open by the blade return to the handle

Ah, that sounds like it would work well. Did you modify it before printing or after?

Both i printed a 50% size then hand modified it so i could work out the design then made a edited file with the new parts and scaled it up 150% so it was nice and big :D id love to upload them but sadly lost them when my desktop decided to melt itself :(

Cool, thanks for the tips! Sucks about your computer, though. Hopefully you've got a better non-melty one now :)

hey there yes now back and running but the files are still lost :( must have shorted my old HDD out but may redo them when i have time

i just whanted to ask if you have redon it alredy or i have to try myselve.

Any luck fixing the locking?

Aw too bad man :(

Wow that'd be awesome! If you redo them I'm sure a bunch of us (me especially) would appreciate it, but no pressure if you're super busy right now

i cant get it to open in my cad program, how come?

thank you for making this. people should not be charged 184 for a plastic toy where the aluminum tape just wares off. and to ammnra i bought the brotherhood blade from you at 161 euro and the tape comes off and the paint easily scratches off. so id say its shitty of you to deliver a toy instead of a prop for 161 euro.

thanks again intentional3D for putting it up. i appreashiate it

i can see that this sword´s front part is locked in place by friction :/ will there be a model where the front part is locked be a small mechanism, and released when the sword falls back again ?


the blade parts have to separated to 2 STL. files because the front of the blade cant be printed since it wont get any support when printing, so it is just being printed in air.

It's really shitty for you to make this rip-off of my design and put it up here nearly 6 months after I posted my design for sale. https://youtu.be/Mkl0SYGAGDg

Pretty shitty of you to charge so much for plastic toys.


Technically apart from size this model is actually more accurate to the in game sword as on your model the bottom of the blade pokes out of the bottom whereas on this model it does not(as shown in game) and I am sure that many people would prefer to get corvos sword from here as it is affordable but although many of your products are fantastic they are ridiculously expensive

Are you saying that because you made a model of Corvos sword first that means no one else can make one?

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Well, at least they offer an alternative to paying your dastardly large prices. Release your files under a Creative Commons if you want to stop it. Otherwise, your complaining is like that of a child.

wish i could like this comment so consider it a thumbs up lol :D

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It seems that there is no tier 2 lock.

It seems that there is no tier 2 lock.

True. We may design and implement that functionality at a later time.