3D Catan Gold Tile

by devonjones Aug 30, 2014
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Thanks for designing and sharing the gold tile. This is one of my favorite things to print. I like to print blue up to the top of the lake layer and then print the rest in grey.

Would you consider doing a volcano tile?


I think someone has done the volcano. Yep, found it: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:444453

If it's not one you are happy with, is there anything specific you would like to see if I did it?

Catan Volcano Hex
by Sustrik

I did not realize that was already made. I like it. In the standard Catan board we have been trying out various house rules with the gold tile in play. It will be fun to combine destructive rules using the volcano tile and replenishment rules with the gold tile.

Could you describe your painting process? I really like the look of it.
I assume you started with white material? Did you use a primer at all?

I started with a tan filament. I painted the lake with the dark blue. Then I painted rings around he center getting lighter, with the lightest color used for the rivers. Along the rivers I painted the canyons black. I then dry brushed with increasingly light shaded of grey. I used a light brown along the shore to make the beach. Finally I used a very dark brown on the hills, and dry brushed with increasingly lightened shades of brown.

No primer. The borders are the original filament color.

I really like the perspective that gives a 3d feeling to this piece :)