Low Poly Labrador (Dog Statue)

by 3DWP Aug 30, 2014
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I think it is very neat! I just wish the leg wouldn't fall off...

Printed with brim and supports, leg was still broke off...

I did not. I just glued the leg back on and it looks great otherwise.

Did you try with Z-hop/Vertical lift? That might work as the printed layers are avoided by the nozzle when moving around.

? During printing you mean?

Did not have this problem with a raft, maybe try with a brim or more glue?

its ok I fixed it. I tried printing it again, but put a support in to hold the leg up. the leg stays up now

can you make one of these that is just regular not poly?

This is a remix of one that is not low poly, check ''Thing info'' and you can see on the right where this model is remixed from.

It's this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:415888

Labrador Sculpture (Dog Statue Color 3D Scan)
by 3DWP

could you use ABS on it? and does it need supports?

Yes you could use ABS or other materials, I just happened to have PLA on the machine. And I think you can print supportless, there are no major overhangs.

Hi How did you use meshmixer to transform the model to low poly? I gave it a go and after searching online for ages I had no luck so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Yes I used MeshMixer, I used Select all (CTRL + A) and then you get a list of options. You can choose Remesh for an evenly distributed mesh and/or the Reduce option. In this case I chose Remesh a couple of times untill the model still looked a bit like a dog with facets.

OOooooohhhhHHH! It's so pretty!

I downloaded it, and I'm making it tomorrow. I'll be using standard PLA filament (clear) on my Printrbot Simple Metal. I'll also paint it a nice color.. so we'll see!