InMoov (right) hand palm cushions (molds) + Arduino FSR code

by Pluswouter Aug 30, 2014
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thanx for the left Mold. The right side is finsih with silicon and look cool!

I don´t know if you got my email, but i understand it a little bit more with the FSR.

I rode also the FSR Article. But i really want to know where you installed the FSR Senor to your Adruino.

Between the 5 Volt Cable for the Servo?

Can you make a pic or a electric plan?

It would be really nice and cool.

My email is: kyas@rentaprinta.de

Hi, I got your email, but it mysterically disappeared somehow.
Thingiverse is handling comments and messages not that well apparently.

You must understand that this FSR has nothing to do really with the servo.
It will only will be an input for your Arduino.

Perhaps I already sent you this link(https://learn.adafruit.com/force-sensitive-resistor-fsr/using-an-fsr)
but the section: "Simple Demonstration of Use"
will demonstrate the principle, not with a motor, but with a LED in a simple way.
I hope this clarifies the principle, otherwise I can email you a picture of how I do it.



Ps, yes I am Dutch with unfortunately very limited German skills..


thanx for you answer.

I check this article, i understand the LED test. But Gael with the Inmoov has more little boards.

So if you can make a photo how you conect the FSR to the Inmoov, i think, will be clear all questions.




Mail: kyas@rentaprinta.de

Comments deleted.


and a second Question:

I bought also the "Druksenor" (nice Idea!) But to where i conect the Senor?

To which Pins on the Arduino?

Thanx for you help!!



i downloaded your Silicon molds and i liked it really much. But as you told the left hand is missing.

Do you have the lef Hand Mold?