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by guydebored Jan 27, 2013
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Thank you guydebored. I remixed your model into a bank. you did a great job ...I enjoyed the print project.

Best regards.

Looks like I'm going to have to find another Dalek file here to print out since I can not get the weapons to print out. I've gone as far as to slice each one out separately and still end up with a mess. However, I'm going to give it three more tries here by not using supports to see if that works and if that does not work I'm moving on. My third and final try here is that I separated each Dalek weapon and flip/turn them each to where they are standing up so far I'm only 22.5% into the printing of them and have yet to have a printing failure. Still it's way to early to tell if this will happen and if it does then I'll have to send this Dalek to the Dalek planet (Delete the folder from my laptop).

Update: Setting the different parts here standing up was the way to go for me. Dang it. broke the eye stalk while removing some unwanted filament build up here. Printing out another one. Eventually I'll get this Dalek put together here.

Hello, I am just here to ask if there is another file extension for the weapons, my printer program (with XYZ da vinci mini w printer) will not load the weapons without crashing. The program will load the Dalek body, but not the weapons/eye-stock. I really enjoy Doctor Who Daleks and I will be very "unhappy" if I can't get the program to initialize the "weapon" model file. I am not sure if this is due to incompatibility with the weapon model file or just my printer program (I realize my grammer looks/sounds bad) not reading the file correctly.
I also do not want to find another file for the weapons because I don't have the correct measurements (I attempted to print a Saturn IV satellite (not sure what type of satellite) with three different parts, and it turned out to be all different measurements when I tried to put them together. This was because the model(s) were too big and were automatically adjusted to fit.) to fit them in the slots. Can someone please help me with this.

Please contact me via options below:

1.) warmasterprime.gamming@gmail.com

2.) 18.valente.daniel@kkhs.k12.hi.us

(I know that the email in option one: "gamming" is spelled wrong, that's how it is (I blame my younger self).)

  • Warmaster Prime -

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeVcENVgdju00VBaVfK7msQ

D.O.F.T.: http://doft.yolasite.com

I downloaded this file to print it with my 3D printer.

I used Slic3R and after slicing step (before printing) I saw that the whole head of the Dalek was missing (except some parts hanging in the vaccum and nothing to attach to). There is clearly some bug in the file. I used Cura to slice, and the head appeared. But as I made researches about this, I saw that a damaged STL file could sometimes appear clean with Cura (and bad with Slic3D) but will print badly, with errors because there really is an error in the file.

I downloaded (for free) the software listed here (NetFabb) to repair the file and followed the exact steps indicated (as I am french this was easy to read for me, you can use a web translator or other tutorial to repair in english). There WAS errors in the Dalek STL file, many, and thos on the head gave impossibility to slice. With the steps indicated, the file was successfully repaired and now I am printing it (Slic3R displayed the whole head this time in Repetier software!)

Here the link of the toturial to repair:

i can't download this

My Dalek prints amazing..but I CANNOT get those dang weapons to print well..even with my settings on printing super slow..=(

Yeah, they're pretty fiddly. Maybe scale everything up so that shape and strength isn't as compromised.

I'm bummed out, slic3r said it fixed a bunch of errors but the model printed out without a head! I tried printing it twice. Just fixed via netfabb and going to try again.

Same thing happened to me :/

printing dalek without support generated a little spaghetti, but nothing that a little x-acto can't handle

could you perhaps post the weapons as separate files? I snapped one while removing support from it.
super cool design - the rest worked really well. thanks

I've printed two of these on our Makerbot Replicator 2, and they both came out amazing!

The only complication was the accessories (plunger+cannon+eye-stalk) - I printed them with raft+support (as suggested), and I had a bit of trouble removing the supports from the actual parts without breaking the parts. No biggie though - I broke one eye-stalk, and printed a new one in ~20 minutes.

Thanks for the great models!

glad to hear - thanks! I get those occasional breakages too. I'll see if I can adjust the dimensions of the extras so their a bit sturdier. Meanwhile perhaps try printing them with a higher infill or scale both parts up for a bigger model. That might help. Cheers :)

I may have to update my profile picture!

Hey thanks! The extras need a little cleaning because of the support, but that's it.

Very Nice!
The print looks really clean!