Chompy the Alamagator

by steveweber314 Sep 10, 2014
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anyway this can be printed in separate pieces? i have an m3d and it will not fit the printing area. i can make the scale smaller but the lego man wont fit on the blocks anymore.

Ive tried to print this twice now - with PLA and ABS - fails each time. Joint pieces come loose from Supports.

you might try and see if your printer has an 'only base' supports option, where it will put supports under the overhangs, but skip the ones in between the parts.

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Fabulous design. Printed great on a printrbot simple metal in PLA with .2mm layers, sliced with cura, supports everywhere.

My son loves it. He squeed and ran out of the room with him, then came back a few minutes later and said "Thank you! Chompy is my new best friend".

So, yeah - there's another kid you made happy today. Thanks for sharing this.

Makerbot creates nasty supports for this one that require major cleaning. Parts are stuck even after cleaning because of the hard to reach spots. It's still a cool design thou. I'll test this one on the Mojo printer when it's ready.

Holy cow man. This is one of the coolest things Ive printed so far. All pieces articulate no problem. Great job.

I've made three of these now, this is an amazing model.

are supports needed?

I have not tried printing it without supports to see what would happen, but most likely yes, they are needed.

Which settings did you print with in the UP/Afinia software? And did you do ABS or PLA?

I usually print at 0.3mm layers at low speed. I use all the default settings for the amount of support material, number of shells, etc. I tried one at 0.2mm layers but it didn't come out as well. There was more support gumming up the joints and I ended up breaking it. I've only tried printing it at 100% scale. I've used a number of off-brand ABS plastics but only with the temperature turned down to 243 degrees or so. If you don't have the temperature switch, I would make sure to use the oem plastic because if its too melty the joints are going to stick on you. I haven't tried PLA yet, but I would think it should work as well or better.