Infill 3D Std. 3mm Geared Extruder

by Infill3D Sep 1, 2014
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I love this design. And i would love to se IT converted to a bowden ektruder with a light weight e3d 6v head.

What is anybody using for parts cooling with this?

Does this work on 1.75 filament? I just got my V6 hot end and I like your design but I don't know if the tension from the extruder will be able to grab 1.75 filament very well if it is meant for 3mm filament.

This is the best looking extruder on thingiverse! Rock on

its compatible 1.75mm filament?

its compatible 1.75mm filament?

This is really a great design. Much better than the Greg reloaded on Prusa i3. Less distance from support to hotend, no bulky groovemount plate, motor weight right above the support and really beautiful. Would love to have your recent design in 3mm.Thanks a lot!

Hi Infill3D, check out - yours extruder printed on SLS: http://blog.darmach.ovh/?p=257
I'll update that when I'll get whole thing working, but extruder looks very pretty.

One issue tho - I dont seem to be able to fit 608ZZ bering into idler...

Hi Darmach, the extruder looks beautiful printed with SLS! I am jealous. The 608ZZ will fit the idler is made with exactly a 7mm space, if you are having a hard time pushing it in place use a small file on the sides just be careful to not take too much material off you do not want the idler to be wobbly.
I did make a 0.2mm larger diameter for the bearings of the hobbled bolt to make sure they fit nicely however I did overlook the idler and made it exactly 7mm; I have always been able to push the bearings in they are tight but they fit, with that said since you are using SLS printed parts I would be careful you do not want to crack the idler pushing too hard.
This is a detail I should get fixed in the next version, if you are capable of reprinting the parts let me know I'll whip you a new stl with a 7.2mm space.
Anyhow thank you for sharing the parts look amazing.

Also I am curious about what is the purpose of two M8 washers between end bearing on the hobbed bolt and main extruder body part? I think without them whole thing rotates easier, well one of them directly touches rotating part of the bearing while the other one gets stuck to the extruder body.

You are right I understand what you are saying, the original design of Ch1to's has that 2mm pocket for the 2 washers, when I made this extruder I followed his design and I overlooked that detail, at the time I thought it was working as a spacer to prop up the bearing so it didn't made contact with the wall of the extruder but now that you point it out is a mistake since it is rubbing against the washer, it most be minimal since the extruder works well but nevertheless I think you just found a mistake in the design, I do not see any use for the washers on the contrary they are creating friction.
Another thing that needs to be corrected for the next version. Keep it up you just pointed out 2 improvements to the design! Do you have any other ideas?

All printed up, just cleaning up the parts for assembly. Looks great!
Idler bush is missing from printed parts. I'll draw one up in Freecad or machine one from a 8mm bolt.

Thank you for the heads up, I added the bushing.