Fly-Fishing line cleaner

by kbblackfox Sep 2, 2014
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Thank you for this! I bought my printer a few days ago and this was the first multipart mechanism I printed. My 80yo father was super skeptical of this "fancy new doodad" I bought until I handed him this. Now he's seriously considering buying his own printer. Ha!

Have you thought about adding a oscillating guide that would spool the line nicely back onto the reel? Just something interesting to think about!

Quick question...the base is a little too long to print on my print bed. Is there any way to make a cut where it increases in size, and then make it so I can piece it together and glue it? If not, it's not a big deal, but I would love to print it! Thanks.

Hmm personally I will do that between the front and back slides for the spool holder, sins it dosent have to be too strong in that area so your glue has a better chance of holding.
You also need some strong stuff for holding the back pin to the rest ( that is where this thing is weakest ). looking back that might be a thing to changes :)

Do you think if i shrink all the parts to about 92%, it would impact the part too much? Thanks again!

No i don't think it will sins all wall's are pretty thick. However the place for attaching the wheel might need some work after ( i had to open it abit to get all the wheels to fit in ) that is the only place you will have to look out for.
Looking forward to hear how it works out :)

Some of the files are corrupt. Could you reupload? I really would like to print this.

I have looked thru all the files now :) and alto there was 2 files that was corrupt when clicking Download All Files. There was only 1 file missing when dowloanding them 1 by 1 and it was spool left ( SpLeft ) i have tested and re-uploaded it. :)
The problem with the download all rar file is not anything i can fix iam afrade :(
Please tell me if there still is a problem and if you can then please tell me the file name and program you use :) and i will make sure it will work for you :)