ShipBuilder Starter Set - Mini

by Kevinkevin Sep 2, 2014
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this is absolutley awesome kevin!!!
any chance u can do a a file of the larger set u do but not on sprues as i only have a mini printer? 8cmx8cmx8cm print bed
(tinyboy printer)

Sorry - I lost all the original files in a hard drive wipe a while back!

I can convert the .STL to nearly any 3d format if you'd like to have them back. I turned them into LightWave files so I can mess around with the shapes before printing.

what do you use to connect them?

Love this design, but I was wondering what the little fat ovals in the frame are for.

Those are extra building pieces - check out the original (non-mini) version to see some examples.

What's the point of the sprues?

Dualpaladin has the right idea! Nostalgia and aesthetics. For me, the worst part of building plastic models was always having to cut the pieces out from their perfectly arranged and spatially optimized sheets.

nostalgia! That's part of the age old art of model building.

Yes now that's what I'm talkin about.Its like frikin sharks with frikin laser beams thank you so much my son did the happy dance.

The larger set was great fun, but the parts were a pretty tight fit, at least for my printer. It looks like you beveled the edges of the holes, which would make it easier, thanks!

Hey, the holes are beveled and also larger, they should fit better this time around.