Customizable Filament Spool

by woale Jan 28, 2013
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Sadly it won't fit my bed. Any chance of doing these separately?

Used as a "carpet tape roll holder" rather than a filament spool!

Thanks for your great idea. I didn't need a filament spool, but I did need some way to store double-sided carpet tape that I use in my workshop. Without some protection, the sides of the tape collect wood shavings and it just gets messy. Using the customizer, my first attempt didn't work - the reel hub was too big for the hole in the tape roll. So, I just went back and made the spool hole diameter smaller. I also increased the wall thickness to 4.5 mm. The second printing fit very well. I was impressed that the two halves fit together so perfectly because sometimes 3D printed holes are not quite as specified. Thanks again, for sharing, Gary

2 things I don't understand... what are you supposed to do with the two halves? Glue them together (assuming we're using PLA)? if so, I can see that the little holes on the far side of the cylinder are to hold the filament, but what about the other two holes. If you glue the two pieces together, the two other holes would end up in the middle of the spool and would be of no use. Something tells me the two pieces are not meant to be glued together...
There's an "Instructions" section for a reason.

my assumptions tells me the one side spool ( smaller diameter)slides into the larger diameter other side like other spools on the site for download.

Nice design - easy to print, looks very solid.

One request - can you add a clip or hole for holding the "loose" end of the filament to the spool? It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a few holes in the rim, or perhaps slots to pull the filament into.

Very smooth design that prints well. I had some issues winding PLA onto this because it keeps springing back even after being tightly wound on.

Very cool though. Thank you.