Infill 3D Bowden Extruder

by Infill3D Sep 5, 2014
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The size of the two bearing?

Any tips to print this correctly without it taking very long to print?
Would .2 layer heights Work on this, or?

Just printed it in ABS without support. That is not recommended as it prints into thin air 3 Places and turns before hitting something after 1cm or so. Might be good with PLA and good overhang cooling.

hello, what about a version for mk7 drive wheel? can you make it?

Sorry Pabo, I am so busy with other projects right now that at the moment there is no plan to making a MK7 version.

Sorry Pabo, I am so busy with other projects right now that at the moment there is no plan to making a MK7 version.

Comments deleted.

The version 2 is going up soon.

Thats the beauty queen among the extruders :D rarely one can see models prepared not only to work well but also to have a looks.

I have a request tho - would you modify this to create 3mm filament version?

Hi Darmach, the 3mm version will be up in a few hours, please let me know how it works for you.

Hi Darmach, yeah I can make a 3mm, let me deal with the changes for this one first I'll post when the 3mm is up, give me some time.

This is an absolutely gorgeous design, I'm going to try and use it either on my 3dr or my Wolfstock. The easy removal dovetail is the best part, keep it up!

Nog3, please wait for me to update the files, I tried the part and there was some mistakes that I am correcting right now.

I've been pretty happy with the performance thus far, sorry for not mentioning it sooner. I've been waiting to reprint the parts so they are more fit for photography. I'm interested in hearing what improvements you've made, and now I'm definitely going to reprint the parts.

Hi Robert, the walls of the body are not flush with the NEMA17 motor it might be an issue depending in your setup. Also threading the Pneumatic fittings was hard, this is a pesky one since I have different brands 1/8 PT fittings and some fit really well others are loose or to tight, I am trying to find a better balance.
Inserting the nuts that hold the screws with the springs is hard, that area is not too strong push too hard and you crack the body so I am giving it more room to avoid that issue.
No more separate whole extruder with dovetail stl, now there is a body and a separate dovetail you can attach it to the body with M3 screws either vertical or horizontal, if you are not using the dovetail bracket you can use the holes of the dovetail to directly mount the body to your setup.
The idler was not reaching all the way down to the drive gear like I want it, I shaved some material off so the idler has more reach.
I think that it is for now however I might be forgetting other stuff.

Thank you Nog3, please let me know how that goes.

really nice design. quick question: why 2 push connections? you should only really need one between the extruder and the hotend.

Looks like it's tight around the MK8 gear. Any luck using it with flexPLA or ninjaflex?

Hi Pooddull, you nail it, that is why is tight around the drive gear to support the filament as much as possible, I have not try it with soft filaments but there is a good possibility that it will work with them.
I made this extruder with a delta machine in mind the second Pneumatic Fitting is there to route another PTFE tube to where the filament reel would be since in the idea I have in mind the reel would not be a straight shot to the extruder, it might change I am still considering options. With that said it would work without it.

Great one. I made one in red. Just waiting for the Nema17 then i'll complete it and take a picture. Well, it will take longer than expected to complete the whole printer. I'm almost sure that i am printing at christmas holidays.

I'm looking forward to implementing your design as soon as possible. I'll be happy to report back with my results. After searching longer than I'd like to admit, I think I have found the perfect extruder: form and function wrapped up simply with visual appeal. I do think it will perform as well as it looks.

You are too kind Robert, thank you. I have not had the chance to print the actual extruder and test it with that said I checked the assembly and everything looks good, let me know if you find issues with the model.

looks fine but don`t work with mk8

What is the problem that you are having?

You have left 2mm around drive gear and thats 2mm more then it shoud be. Fillament simply doesn't reach drive gear

If I am correct what you want is the body of the extruder to hug the drive gear closer, is that correct? As it is now there is only 1mm clearance for a 9mm diameter drive gear that is pretty tight, I do not see how to get closer unless you have a smaller drive gear, the MK8 I have is 9mm.
the design is made accounting for a drive gear of 9mm diameter the space that the drive gear occupies has 11mm of diameter since it is round it leaves 1mm of clearance all around, the filament hole that transverse the body is align at a groove at 7mm+/-.
I double check everything and it is correct, I will print the model as soon as I get some time and give it a check however I am 99% sure it is OK with said there is always that 1% where there could be something wrong that I won't know until I print and check the part.
Hope that helps.

Excelent drawings, what software do you use?

Thank you Bres55, I use Autodesk Inventor mostly, sometimes I use Autodesk Maya for certain parts is rare tho.