Math Spinner Enhanced (fast print, no support)

by pauloblank Sep 5, 2014
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Love the anti-slip pattern on the side pieces. This will make my 6 year old 's homework less boring, thanks!

Wanted to know if you oppose me using the actual nubmber dials on a different project i have. A life counter is what i plan on using them for. I could make my own but you already have the dial which i really like the font you used for the numbers.



Tu diseño me gusta mucho

im printing your design and it look grate, im just missing the tube, where can i down load it?

Wish schools would've had something like this when I was a kid, I'm useless at maths!

a Comment just to say thank you... it print out perfect with recommendation.
i will upload picture in "I Made One".

regards from Chile!

Would you mind confirming what font was used for the numbers. Interested in posting a remix for fractions (my daughter needs some help), and would like to mirror as close as possible the numbers you have used. Thanks,

If you are in the US and want to use 1/2" "standard" PVC pipe (~21.5 mm outer diameter), scale the V1 files to ~84% for a nice fit.This will vary slightly depending on your material and printer.

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Very nice model.
My name is Juan Carlos from Argentina.
I print one to my 9 years niece and she likes it very much
After the gift other relatives ask to print them anothers.
I want to ask you if you have any issue if i charge them 3 or 4 dolars only by the material that i use.

I am trying to download the tube but when I download the file there is no tube in the file just the gear shapes. Would you mind reposting the tube file?

its pvc i think

Oi!!! Qual impressora vc usou? Obrigada!! Ficou ótimo

I LOVE THIS! Very educational! Perfect!
There are too many files, so I'm not sure which one I printed out.

In the US, I went to Home Depot and bought a 1/2" by 2ft PVC pipe for $1.40, which could make 3 pipes for this. Ask them to cut it; they have an awesome hand cutter.
The 3/4" was too big. It's ok to have space, since it won't rotate much. If you want, you could put that foam (box foam) on the pipe.

Thank you!

This is really cool great job! would you have a blank spinner without any symbols or numbers?

This looks great! I'm printing mine now, but I was wondering if you could add two files: I'd love to have the center tube as a separate file. Also, could you add greater than / less than signs to the equals ring? it seems kind of useless to have it rotate without any other markings on it... Thanks for such an awesome project!

Sure, give me some time to upload this. Cheers, Paulo

Hello! Was wondering if these two files were ever added? Best wishes.

sir in what application you did this thing please pm me

solidworks. It's the best!

I printed a number wheel to test, and it is too small to put on a 1" PVC, much less spin freely.

I guess it's because my design is for brazillian standard, 25mm water tube. I guess the US standard is 25,4mm external diameter. I can generate a version 1.2 to inch standards, let's say with 26mm hole to fit in your 25,4mm tube. OK for you?

Ah, thanks, that was the problem. It was off by just about a millimeter. No worries about a US standard version for me, I wrapped a smaller pipe to get the size I wanted and it works well. If you want to create one anyway for the community though I'm sure others would appreciate it.

Cool design, btw, my daughter likes it. Thanks!

V1: The internal hole is 25.6mm. If you want more clearance, just scale the parts in X and Y axis by the factor, like 26/25.6 = 1.015
V2: I personally prefer the version 2, smaller, faster, nicer. The designed internal hole is 32.6mm. Just adjust the XY scale to your available PVC tube and go for it !

Awesome! I never found the time to revamp the design but I'm glad you (and others) have!