Dueling Contests: Rubber Bands - $100 atm

by pattywac, published

Dueling Contests: Rubber Bands - $100 atm by pattywac Oct 21, 2010



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This is the first of two contests with a current prize pool of $100.

All submissions to this contest need to use one or multiple rubber band(s) in some way to enable the printable side of the submission to do something cool/neat/funny/novel.

Some people asked for more time on the last competition so they could have more time to focus and channel their powers of design..... so this one ends in 3 weeks and 3 days (Sunday, Nov 14).

If you are feeling generous and want to spur creativity, feel free to donate to the prize pool. Last time we more than doubled the prize..... plus my $50 feels sad and lonely.

Thanks to twotimes for upping the prize pool to $100 total

Find the other contest here:


Here are the rules:

  1. Needs to be printable on a makerbot
  2. Needs to use rubber bands in some way. (preferably not too far from your average rubber band)
  3. Post submissions on thingiverse by 5pm cst Sunday, Nov 14
  4. Post a comment to this thing with a link to your submission
  5. Seriously anything that uses rubber bands in some way.....

The prize is $100 in the makerbot store. Everyone that donates towards the prize will take part in picking the winner but will rely heavily on user feedback. Multiple submissions are allowed.

Extra points for submissions that use licenses which allow derivatives or have no restrictions on use and for submissions that supply generic prt or obj files along with the standard STL file.

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No results.

Rubber bands are known for its stretchable capacity. Due to its elasticity, when stretched and released it can regain its original shape again. Rubber bands are used to bind products together and create bundles. They are made out of natural rubber and available in various sizes and colours. The dimension of rubber bands are determined based on its dimension. These products are widely used in military , industrial purposes, animal husbandry,etc. http://www.rubber-sales.com/rubber_av_mounts.htmlwww.rubber-sales.com

Congrats Skimbal, your Rubber Band Powered Gear Mechanism won the contest, PM me with your paypal info.

Link to the Design Contest winner:


Rubber Band Gear Mechanism
by Skimbal

Sorry for the long delay. I've been out of the coutry and with almost no Internet for the past 8 days. We'll have a decision by Monday (22nd) night.

Sorry to jump in but competition is closed for judging. Pattywac and I are going to take a few days for judging. Great job everyone!

I'm glad to see someone else has the inventing spirit. :)


The 3d printed arms race is over. I give you The Flamethrower... 8-)

Arm Mounted Launcher/Pepper Spray/Flame Thrower

Sublime if it wins, since it's a derivative of your pencil gun, I'll split the prize with you. I realize what I am doing is tantamount to bidding what the last guy bid plus 1 on the price is right... :-$

Ha Ha I just want to get my machine running.

Rubber-Band Bow and Arrow

My submission, Printable Van de Graaff Generator.


Printable Van de Graaff Generator

Hey Sublime,

Off topic to the rant, about snapping together, I've been using a .35mm per side spacing (dimension came from Zydac) in tabs and slots and it has been working very well.

Sorry I just realized what you meant was to use .35 as my clearance in all snap together parts?

Yes, I meant for the clearance for the snap together parts.

Thank you. It would be nice to have a page with information like that. Clearances for snap together parts, Space required between pieces, preferences on single sheet and/or individual files, minimum diameter posts for most printers.

May I ask which design? I'm assuming the airplane!

Stop hating, I asked a simple question to pattywac. I didnt mean to make you upset.

'nuff said, im waiting for a reply from pattywac.

Your answer has been in the instructions the whole time...

Shouldnt there be a rule on how many submissions you can make?

Is the contest not to spur creativity? Is it my fault you can't come up with any ideas? Would you rather it only be the first two things?Last but not least, you may see this as me having an unfair advantage but It also may just dilute the amount of possible votes per item of my own!

P.s. I am not a professional and have only been learning 3D software for just over a month so I have no unfair advantage over anyone else that has the mental capacity to learn. Quit hating!

Who said that i hadnt any ideas?

When theres no rule considering submissons, users tend to spam several hoping to increase there chance to win INSTEAD of puttin all the effort to make one awesome thing.

Im not hating, this is just my humble opinion.

Retractible Cord Or RubberBand Battery

Or lighterleash or rubberband powered wheel

Hmm, my slingshot is under pressure. A semiautomatic gun and a crossbow - it seems that everyone connects rubber bands with a wonderful opportunity to tease someone. Would my 20mm test cube disposing slingshot also qualify as a Makerbot improvement?

Only if you make a mount for it.....

What if you set it up so a soon as the cube is printed, the slingshot shoots the cube across the room then resets.

Here is mine:


A slingshot for 20mm test cubes and other debris lying around your build area. It uses a thick rubber. Is this eligible for the contest?

20mm test cube sling shot

Here you go, I wouldn't like your $50 to feel sad and lonely so I donate $50

(Honestly, I ordered a compact plastruder with the prize from the bearing contest and I thought the best place for the rest of the winnings to go was to invest in people making cool stuff)

Is this separate from the $50 for the Makerbot Improvement contest? I thought thats where you wanted your $50 to go to.

Yes, it's separate. You mentioned in the google group to mention additions in the comments section, so I waited.

Awesome, up the prize goes....