Dueling Contests: Makerbot Improvement - $65 atm

by pattywac, published

Dueling Contests: Makerbot Improvement - $65 atm by pattywac Oct 21, 2010



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This is the second of two contests with a current prize pool of $65.

All submissions to this contest need to be an improvement for the Makerbot. A few examples but not requirements are: xy-stage improvements, wobble arresters, legs, circuit board holders, etc.

As with the other contest, this one ends in 3 weeks and 3 days (Sunday, Nov 14).

If you are feeling generous and want to spur creativity, feel free to donate to the prize pool. Last time we more than doubled the prize.

Find the other contest here:

Thanks to Twotimes for adding $50 to the $15 I put in.


Here are the rules:

  1. At least part of it needs to be printable on a makerbot (obv you can't print circuit boards or motors (atm anyway))
  2. Needs to be an improvement for the Makerbot in some way. (cupcake or thing-o-matic, but there are a lot more cupcake users out there to beef up your Thing rating)
  3. Post submissions on thingiverse by 5pm cst Sunday, Nov 14
  4. Post a comment to this thing with a link to your submission
  5. Makerbot Improvement is the idea

The prize is $65 in the makerbot store. Everyone that donates towards the prize will take part in picking the winner but will rely heavily on user feedback. Multiple submissions are allowed.

Extra points for submissions that use licenses which allow derivatives or have no restrictions on use and for submissions that supply generic prt or obj files along with the standard STL file.

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Congrats Zydac, your Z Axis Extender Kit for Makerbot Cupcake won the contest, PM me with your paypal info.

Link to Design Challenge winner:


Z Axis Extender Kit for Makerbot Cupcake
by Zydac

Wow! That's great! I'm super pleased!

By the way, great competition - I want to make most of the other entries!

Sorry for the long delay. I've been out of the country and with almost no Internet. We will have a decision by Monday (22nd) night.

Decisions will be posted on the Makerbot blog tomorrow morning.

Another late entry. This is a quick release kit for the XY stage, allowing you to completely remove the XY stage from your bot in less than a minute with no tools, to perform maintenance, cleaning, or experiment with new designs.


Cupcake XY Stage Quick Release Kit
by randyy

Last minute entry (?):


Mechanical endstop PCB (which you'll soon be able to by from makerbot without my changes) and the printed pieces to make them work as a Z-down endstop. I'm still working on full homing, but thought I'd enter what I had.


Etchable Mechanical Endstop (with support parts)
Z Axis Extender Kit for Makerbot Cupcake
by Zydac

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4712http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... My first entry. (if this qualifies for beeing a derivative)

Been having a lot of trouble with printing and the need for this came up when I was printing the other entry.

Insulator retainer Supersized
by Fido

I don't own a cupcake so making upgrades is difficult but how about this. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4613http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4593http://www.thingiverse.com/thi.... It's a ball bearing that the machine uses. And it's printable on the machine! On all machines, Repraps and rapmans included. Designed from the stats on McMaster...

608 Ball Bearing

Hey ZaphodBeeblebrox,

I have a dumb comment, make sure when adding a wed address to not put a period after the address because then the link doesn't work.

So your link should be: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4593http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

608 Ball Bearing

I designed this before the contest started but I figure it's worth throwing in:


Standoff for Relay Board
by Wajazn

nice..... wish i would have seen this when i installed my relay board a few weeks ago

My submission is a circuit board, so hopefully it counts. ;)

It's a stepper driver board that increases your Cupcake's resolution by 8x and makes it way quieter. (The Thing-O-Matic will get a 2x improvement, even.)


PSMD (Pololu Stepper Motor Driver) Triple Axis Driver

You could argue that you could print the board with the unicorn...

I've tried, the servo isn't strong enough (to lift my dremel) so most standard users wouldnt be able to do this, but I think you should show this to [email protected] to help with gen4 or maybe to late for gen 4 but gen 5 electronics

So, just put a sharpie in the unicorn and dip it in some etchant.

There's a pretty good post from Will (guy who developed the unicorn at makerbot) on how to do this.

Instructions are here: http://wiki.makerbot.com/gerbertogcodehttp://wiki.makerbot.com/gerbe...

Thats awesome!! just bought the stuff online!! next step...make these stepper drivers...

Oh wow! I just saw this discussion. What, no notifications for posters? Anyway...

I etched two boards at home, but I used a laser printer and toner transfer paper. I don't have a unicorn so I haven't tried this. But I do know someone nearby who does, so maybe we can get together and try to get this working. That would be doubly good because it could be RepRap printable and help
with the goal of a RepRap printing the required electronics.

See: http://www.reprap.org/wiki/Pololu_Electronicshttp://www.reprap.org/wiki/Pol...

So, does this mean I've been DQd? I was posting this anyway, but the timing was too goo to pass up trying... ;)

if you want to fend off naysayers make a mounting bracket for it (just a bolt sleeve that people cant print 4 of.... like the ones currently holding your motherboard and controllers on the side of your machine) or make it unicorn friendly.

Pretty cool.... You could design the offset posts you used to mount it to the side of the makerbot, but a unicorn friendly design is acceptable as well. :P

Um..that violates rule number one lol but thats amazing!! 1/16th of a step!!

hey jw only a couple parts are printable on makerbot the rest are being printed on my schools dimension 3d uprinter, is that approvable with you? also it requires you buy some extra parts from MBI's store...for around $100.

Also does it matter if i have the code for this "thing" done by then? cause im still prototyping and well it ain't going at a rate for the code being ready/usable by mid november because i have SATs and ACTs in the way...

I think the design files will probably need to be posted before the deadline. After all, the point of the contest is to create useful/interesting things that the community can print.

Printable parts that arent printable on the makerbot? Most parts can be Segmented or reoriented to be printable in the 4x4x6 space. Seems like if they aren't it might hurt you community rating.

If you don't have all of the kinks worked out for the code that should be fine, but again the final decision depends heavily on user ratings so something that is unusable might not get the highest ratings.

Also i don't know how useful it will be either because there has to be a replicatorG plugin for it. When i post it i will have all files for it but what kinds of files do you want me to export other than the stl's because i'm using Autodesk Inventor?

Whatever file format can be imported to the largest number of other modeling softwarezzz

alrighty lol softwarezzz, also the prints keep tipping over (even with raft because it's so thin)