Paperclip belt tensioner

by Roboteernat Oct 21, 2010

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This made a huge difference on my XYZ da vinci! Thanks for the idea!

i like the simplicity of this. Just put it on both belts of my Mendel Prusa. Can't wait to see how it affects the print quality. Thanks!

did you get any results with implementing this thing? on the prusa, some designs allow for adjustment screws, so it may be worth looking at these too

Very clever - will try this out tonight!

Gonna try this one on my bot, the belt rattles tons.

Wow. Works amazingly welll, removed vibration and looseness problems instantly. I just hope it doesn't bump into anything...

Doesn't this interfere with movement?

Not really, the tension keeps the belts teeth in place, and the curve of the paperclip is the way its shown so that the y stage and x stage just brush past, thats if there is any contact a all. Its perfectly fine 8-)

I got a similar idea when I saw a similar thing on a newer vending machine

Brilliant! Now I just need to find some paper clips... I must have some someplace!