Kossel Mini spool holder featuring Emmett's gear bearing.

by ChrisParish Sep 7, 2014
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how to use this for 4cm diameter of holes?

I'm new to 3d printing and the bearing is sticking on one spot. How do you change the tolerance?

I printed single bracket two times but it is smaller than m2020 profile. what is wrong ? other part is okay I am confused.

There is a simple answer and apply a 133% zoom to the brackets when prining (x,y,z) and use 4mm screws and t-nuts. You will have to run a 4mm drill bit through the holes, but thats it! I've done it and it works fine.
Hope this helps...


The small brackets are designed for the original mini Kossel so they are for a 15x15 extrusion. I’m pretty sure someone has made some for 2020, but if you can’t find any then let me know.

Edit: try these: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:865929

Adjustable Kossel delta spool holder extension arms

thank you for your reply.

Here is an adapter ring for spools with ~55 mm inner diameter:

Edit the parameters in the openScad source to adapt it to your needs.

Spool holder Adapter ring
by bb44

Printed and works great! Really nice to clear some desk space and put the spool up top. I added some DuPont Teflon bicycle chain/cable lubricant and the bearing is butter smooth.

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Printed the project, the top gear wheel did not approach one!!! from available for me Babin. Its size is much more than openings in reels.

Sorry that it doesn't fit the reels you are using. It does fit mine. I suggest that you print an adapter - I use two different adapters because not all manufacturers use the same size reel. If you can't design one yourself, then post the diameter of the hole in your reel and I will create it for you.
Alternatively, you can edit the scad file to create a gear with the correct diameter.

Is there an adapter so that I can use this with a 50mm spool hole? I use PLA+ Pro and its a bit smaller spool hole.



I will be very grateful if you make the adapter or an adapter, I also think the universal solution of a moglaba to become a pyramid with several diameters. My Babin have holes in 51 and 38 mm

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Check these arms (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:865929) if you have 20x20 OpenBeams!

Adjustable Kossel delta spool holder extension arms

where did you get your filament guide?

Could you make a version for a kossel with 360mm side extrusions instead of 240mm? Love the design.

No one know if i can use this for kossel xl????

Adjustable Kossel delta spool holder extension arms

It would be possible to make bigger mounts which would allow you to mount it on a kossel xl.
Assuming the Kossel XL uses the standard printed parts and just has longer beams, what length are the short beams? I could draw the bigger mounts for you if you like.

Hi Chris

Please can you do this for me. The short beams on my Kossel XL are 360mm long. Would that be okay?


On line 65 you have a hardcoded value:

I think this should be:

Otherwise the flange does not resize correctly with changes in D. Very cool design, thank you :-)

I have made this change. Thanks for the suggestion.

Maybe stupid quesion can i use this also for kossel xl with 350mm by 700mm? I like the design WOW!

Just wanted to give a nod to this excellent design. I'm building a mini kossel, and this is going straight on. The planetary gear printed rather loosely; that is, the printer I'm using (FlashForge Dreamer) seemed to be producing very accurate prints, so I'm going to re-print having adjusted the spacing for the gears from 0.3 to 0.08. At the moment I'm getting about 2mm up/down movement in the gear assembly -- no that it really matters. It turned without any stick the very first time I removed it from the print bed, so I think I can make it much tighter tolerance.

Anyway, really elegant design and the base is well done too. Thanks!

I was thinking of almost excactly this design, but haven't got my kossel yet to start experimenting. It looks great, it is one of my first upgrades, I think :-)

How well does it work at end of spool, does it stay on the bearing? Maybe one could extend the bearing with a taller outer tube.

So far I have had no problems with the spool coming off. Because of the shape of the spools I am using you would have to make the outer race much much taller to make much difference.
The spool is also a nice tight fit over the bearing, which helps.