Swing bucket Dremel centrifuge (Dremelfuge)

by MadMaker70 Sep 7, 2014
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Hello, I'm new to power tools, what accessories would I need to make it work? Mainly what I would need to directly attach the wheel to the dremel tool.

This design was meant to be compatible with a Dremel rotary tool mandrel: https://www.dremel.com/en-us/Accessories/Pages/ProductDetail.aspx?pid=402

Thank you, and also why does it only come with one swing bucket? It leaves the rotor unbalanced.

Yes I would say just print another swing bucket but it sounds like you ordered this thing somehow. I don't ever recall consenting to having my designs be made available for purchase but it's probably in the terms and conditions for using thingiverse. At any rate, you can tell whoever you ordered this from that it should have been obvious that this design was meant to have up to six identical swing buckets which is why there is only one associated print file. You should use at least two swing buckets and do not, I repeat, DO NOT use this unbalanced. Doing so can break the part while it is spinning. Fragments flying off in this instance will have an amount of kinetic energy equivalent to a small caliber bullet!

I ordered it from here, printed, and yeah I can reasonably see why, but yeah haha wouldn't want it tearing a hole in me and stuff,I don't know what to do now...

EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't notice I could order the buckets separately. Going to Home Depot tomorrow to get wire or something to secure the swing bucket, suggestions would be nice, if I haven't taken up too much time already haha. Thanks a bunch as well for the help!

NO COMMENTS?! I am trying to come up with my own idea for a centrifuge for a dremel tool and came across this bad boy. This piece of ART is an amazing piece of work. Printing it now, thank you for posting your amazing idea and sharing it for free to the world. Will let you know how it prints out. Going to be posting this on my twitter page for people to see and a link providing the coo dos.


AWESOME #$%^ing productive ART!!! LOVING IT!!!!

I'm glad you like it. Please be careful if you actually use it with a dremel but I'd also be interested to know how well it works for you.