Terminator Skull with CPU Core housing and Plug (Hi res, smooth no sanding version!)

by Geoffro Sep 8, 2014
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Am looking to print this.. Any advice on whether or not supports are needed under the chin?

Hi all, just wanted to ask what scale this is please? I am hoping to print it at 1:1 but have no idea how much, if any I will need to scale it up by.....I have an Ultimaker Prusa i3 With a 200x200x180 work area if that helps...cheers all.

This is really cool, I printed the skull at 70% scale and it came out amazing, but unfortunately the CPU has details that aren't printable at 70% scale. I might just print the cap and put it on, but if you have the files I'd love to be able to remix it and make it printable at a smaller scale.

I actually got it working by using a 0.2mm nozzle at 70% scale for the CPU! Will post my make when it's done printing.

is anyone elses file imported to slic3r corrupt?

Which piece? / version of slic3r
I just loaded all of them into Slic3r and they slice fine, also in S3d and Cura.

Is there another version of this CPU housing model that is split into 3 pieces to print 1:1?

Awesome job anyway to get a separate jaw for movement? Im collecting all resources i can to make a full life size endo. I found the original jap pep from long ago and made the skull with moveable jaw but this is much better detail between the pep and printing I hope to make it as movie accurate as i can with moving parts

Is there a particular "thing" that is the CPU that would fit in the terminator noggin?

I made one on a monoprice M200. Using 8% infill, .1 resolution, .6 walls, 85% scale to fit the bed size, my only complaint is that I should have gone with much thicker walls. When removing all the scrap I found most of the stand alone piston pieces that are on the front wanted to snap. No joke, it's a very timely process to remove the scrap.

Overall, it came out well. I may make another with thicker walls and not rush the finality. Thanks very much for the design, I will be spray painting this metallic.

That could also be an awesome spot to store a hidden usb drive on your desk!

awesome idea lol

What are the printer settings for this masterpiece?

whats some good print setting for this model i have simply 3d and flash forge pro and also is there a chip to print to install?

I'm just finishing printing your sliced other version. This is awesome. Would love a hollow version, perhaps with separate hollow eyes, that could be printed in transparent, and house LED's. I could then probably house an Arduino nano in the skull and make the eyes flicker etc...

Wow! Awesome talent!

Just a note. In T2 you will note there were only two "locking" screws holding the Shock dampening assembly into the skull.

Thanks for the note, I will note that note.

So far yours is the best looking version of the T800 skull. I'm happy you were able to include the CPU housing into it.

cool, but leds are much cooler ;-)

That's why I added the cavity for the wiring ;)

That is so frigging cool!