Prusa I3 Printable Frame

by chocjulio66 Jan 31, 2013
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1/8" x 1" bolts worked great. though the holes on the MR peice did not match up so i had to drill it.

hey mate i made a remix of this design removing the logo and those weird holes through it (not sure what they were for there not on the original as far as i can see and one just goes to nowhere lol) as well as removing the hollow parts if your interested in maybe joining them as one project i can send you the stl files or just download them and add them to your project and ill remove the remix :) i plan on using 50% + infill so no real need for the hollow design and im sure most people would appreciate it if it wasn't hollow although i can only speak for myself

I'm really intrigued by this. Anyone care to comment on their results and how long it took?

DO v2 its better mine has lasted a long time!

I just finished printing and building this frame and i just love it. I modified it but have some ideas on improving this design or maybe the version 2.
I printed all your files upside down so i would not need support then glued the frame pieces together. I took all your files and erased the side walls basically leaving me with flat covers and glued them onto what is now the front. It made for a super strong (impressively strong) boxed frame. I believe leaving the back hollow leads to too much flexing and the covers solved that perfectly. I also chopped up newspaper's in a blender with water and made a pulp to fill the hollow cavity in the center to cut down on noise and deaden the hollow sounding cavity's.
Its so far turned out awesome. I cant wait to fit the rest of the pieces to it and try it out. I will let you know how it works out

I'm also printing and working with this frame, keep us updated please, looks good

I like the idea of printing the frame. Any chance of seeing pictures or a youtube video of the printed frame in use on a Prusa i3?


heres the source for the frame yes i have print many version of this and have a new version coming after many proto prints to perfect thickness stability. i ended up makeing this thing 40mm thick, created new join types and thinning areas where i could. i will upload new version after i test it on my new i3 i also have a new printable y carriage for the version of i3 i'm building. pics to come and remake of the printable ends with 8mm holes
thanks chocjulio

Think you could upload the openscad sources? I'd like to lighten it up a bit and tirm out some plastic.

Has anyone printed out this frame and build a prusa i3 with it? I'm tempted, but that's a lot of plastic =P