Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Kossel 250 V-Slot 3D Printer - DIY Kit

by UltiBots Sep 8, 2014
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Hi, do you have the files for the spool holder? I can't seem to find them. Thanks.

Thank you. Appreciated. I downloaded the .stl from the kossel 250 folder. It is the improved version without the protrusion to attach underneath, it attaches on the internal side of the rail. It did not work for me as well as in the photo and I will end up editing to try to reproduce that design using 608ZZ bearings. Will reference your Idea. Thank you.

Thanks a lot for this :) Finalizing mine but 3dbenchyed great.

Does anyone have a copy of the firmware for a Ramps 1.4 controller? I have tired to download the files off of UntiBots google page but I have been unable to find the .ino files

Please email support )at( ultibots dotcom for a link to our firmware folder. Also... consider the Duet Wifi controller w/ FSR leveling. It is a game changer!!!

Hello, very good job, I write from Argentina. I would spend Files "mk_frame_motor" " mk_frame_top " in program design ? I use Solidworks and I want to reforms. Because I will not let you import.

I like your design!

Thanks and regards!

By:Traductor Google ^^

Just added STEP files to our GitHub repository: https://github.com/UltiBots/K250VS/tree/master/STEP

Muchisimas gracias por la pronta respuesta y los archivos, ya vas a ver los resultados cuando termine, lo voy a subir también.

Saludos desde Argentina!!

how much between frame milimet ?
Ex: 3 frame top and 3 frame motor ?

Not sure what you are asking. Please email support )at( ultibots dotcom.

What do the suffixes on some parts mean? E.g. the k250_bed_clamp vs k250_bed_clamp_mc? Or k250_carriage_mb vs k250_carriage_tx?

Jacob -

Make sure you download STLs from our GitHub/Ultibots/K250VS. They are the latest. The MC=metal corners. MB = MagBall arms. TX=Traxxas arms.

Good questions - Brad

Hi there, what advantage does your extruder have over a bowden extruder. Also how well does this printer does vs a cartesien, mendelmax for example ?

Advantages are: direct drive, minimal retract, NinjaFlex and other flexible filaments, less fussy, IMO. DeltaBot vs. Cartesian... Many say Deltas are faster and more accurate. For me they are almost identical, again IMO. Hope this helps - Brad

Thanks ! I will probably be building this since I already have the v-slots. :)

One more question: What type of autolevel are you using, I am planning on using a heatbed so FSR is not possible ? And would a Z probe work ?

We have sold hundreds of printers with heated beds that use our FSR kit - http://www.ultibots.com/fsr-kit. The kit uses silicone pads to help insulate the sensor from the heat. Over time the heat may cause damage to the FSR but we have not seen this or had customers reporting heat related problems. Thanks for your interest in our design - Brad

Hi there, when building this could I increase the lengths of the vertical v-slots and make it taller to increase print volume? Cheers.

No problem increasing vertical V-Slots extrusions; will need longer belts and endstop leadwires. Frame rigidity may be an issue if the printer gets TOO tall :)

Awesome! I just saw some guy who made one with a build height of 1040mm. That's crazy!

Most current STLs are found here https://github.com/UltiBots/K250VS. Medium superglue also works.

Hello I can't seem to find the spool mount STL you are using on the google drive. It has the bracket and holder you are supposed to acetone together, but I'm using PLA and it would be nicer to have the simpler one you have pictured, Thanks Jack.

So far coming out great ;)

Are the source / CAD files available?

Steve -
The source files are in Alibre PE file format. Added to files 150303_k250vs_source.zip. You may have to down load a trial version.
Thanks for your interest - Brad

What is the difference between the motor brackets and top brackets for this compared to the kossel Mini???

With this kit and our Mini Kossel V-Slot, our motor and top corner brackets are designed for 20mm x 20mm extrusion V-Slot extrusion from OpenBuilds. Johann's original Mini Kossel was designed for 15mm x 15mm extrusion. They are similar looking but the dimensions are different.

The mini's top and bottom corner mounts have a 20mm x 20mm hole for the extrusion? This is why I'm lost. Also on your website the Mini kit says it includes 2020 extrusion.... can you clarify?

Both of our Kossel derived kits use the same top and motor corner brackets. They are the same STLs designed for V-Slot extrusion which is 20mm x 20mm. Our Kossel kits copy many design ideas and measurements from Johann's original Mini Kossel. That is why we chose to preserve and honor Johann's design by keeping our kits in the Kossel family.

I see. So the your mini kossel and this 250 kossel have the same top and bottom brackets then. What's the difference in the printed parts? As I'm deciding to buy either the 250 or The mini kit.

Hi, would you have a pre-configured version of Marlin for this printer?

Check out https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzrtGXsdA6D8aTJ0U1RCUXdsaUE&usp=sharing
We have FSR and NON-FSR versions. If your arms and build geometries are VERY close to our kit the Marlin should enable prints with out adjusting offsets and diag_rod distances :) Of course FSR makes this all easier with G30 A!

Thanks! This is a great jumping off point for calibration.

Could you provide the BOM with all the hardware that is required as well ?

Can you please provide measurements for the diagonal rods (length of carbon rod itself + post-traxxas rod end assembly). Thanks!

Robert... the rods are 253mm in length and the Traxxas ends are 17.5mm to swivel center. This totals to 288mm center to center. We sell them at http://www.ultibots.com/kossel-288mm-arm-kit-deluxe.

The spring minimizes Traxxas end backlash. Search Delta robot 3D printer Google group for spring & backlash for more background. - Glad you like our printer :) Brad

looks really good. might be using this for my 2nd delta. Quick question, why the springs on the rods?