Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Bender Bending Rodriguez (Solid Works)

by royeiror Sep 10, 2014
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Tried making one at normal size. my slicer filled the holes with support and the fingers broke. Printing one at 1.5 scale with nothing but brim. Looks good so far. Will post a make following if successful.

I designed this bender way before I even had a 3D printer and have never tried printing it. My desire to print him subsides when my printer arrived. But if you have tips or pointers, I would gladly include them in the design and upload the revision.

The antenna is a bit thin. Perhaps increasing the thickness may help. The fingers themselves are small at original size leading them to be a bit fragile. Not sure what you could do about that though.

Maybe scale everything up?

The head model has a defect inside the hole which caused Repetier to make a half circle. Also the peg is too large for either hole.

S3D shows it as designed in Solidworks, can Repetier do something to fix it?

I'll give it a look and re upload.

the joints are too loose to hold position.

That's weird, the balls and sockets are both 4mm in diameter. I may have to go back to the drawing board and do interference fit with a slit on each piece, but at that size I think it won't work very well.

I shouldve been clearer. Sorry. the joints between segments work fine, albeit a bit tight, the joining points on the hands and feet were very loose.

I just uploaded the foot and hand with 4mm ball joints, hopefully they'll fit nicely now.

Did you design this in solidworks?

I did. It started with tinkerCAD and then it was obvious I needed something more powerful. SketchUp didn't cut it for me, so I went for the one software I knew I could use.

Not ready for printing, no info on parts count.

Comments deleted.

The parts ideally should be printed according to the preview of the whole doll. 3 segments for each limb, 2 hands, 2 feet, one head, one torso and one peg.

Where are too thin areas to print as it is. Not rotated for printing.

The STL files are ready to print, there have been 2 makes, one better than the other, but it is printable.

Hi! Want to print. Can you make all parts vertical in stl, please. It's mostly impossible to prepare it to print in slicing software.


Yeah, I'll remove the angles, but be warned I have not printed this piece so I have no clue if the tolearances are correct, I'd appreciate the feedback though.

Ready to download. I hope if prints well. My Solidoodle Press is crap for fine details so I can't print this bender. But if you need me to change dimensions and such, leave me a comment.