Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Prusa i3 X Carriage Adapter for Bulldog XL Extruder

by Cyrrus Sep 10, 2014
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I am curious about how far the Bulldog XL sticks out to the right from the nozzle? Do you have issues with the motor hitting the right side of the printer when trying to print on the right side of the build plate?

It stuck out a little passed the printers frame but even with the cooling fan on the end of the motor it still had at least a 2mm clearance with the XZ right end. Unfortunately I can't take a photo because I've upgraded to a bowden system.

This is the cooling fan I used (soft wire version):

NEMA17 Fan Mount

Will this work with the Geeetech Prusa I3B Pro? Its came with a MK8 Extruder.

UPDATE: I printed the fan duct and its way to big for my Geeetech Prusa I3B Pro. Any help to get this to work would be greatly appreciated.

Was reading some of the comments below and thought I would post a link to the Prusa i3 carriage I'm using with this extruder platform.

It's been solid for 2 reels of PLA printing @ almost 100mm/s and has a spot for a mech endstop switch that I use with the following:

Prusa i3 carriage

thanks atheimer :)

Hi Cyrrus. I'd like to modify your design so that it can be used with more popular prusa i3 x carriage designs. Would you mind sharing the source files?
If you'd like to keep them private, would you mind if I modify the STL files directly and publish them?

does anyone know what the recommended voltage is for the bulldog XL? have ramps 1.4

Thanks for the info. Is there anyway that the carriage can be remixed to support the makerfarm i3v?

If you can give me some dimensions I'd be happy to do it.

For anyone building the auto-leveling you'll need a jumper to connect 2 pins on the rambo board in order to power the servo. To the left of the reset button you'll find 3 pins. The jumper will need to be place on the top two pins labelled VCC and 5V.

I also wouldn't recommend the servo mention here. I found it doesn't stay stable and instead there is a little play in the arm moving during probing.

That servo issue sounds software related. Let me know what happens if you test a different one because if it works I'll resign the servo mount.

I'm trying to get this to work with the same servo as you described, but I can't seem to get any movement out of the servo. I've followed this guide:https://github.com/oliasmage/Marlin

I use Repetier with a RAMPS shield for an Arduino Mega and an E3D hotend. Sorry but i wouldn't know how to answer that question. It's probably something you would want to check forums for.
The servo has power, ground and signal wires. The power had to be connected via a voltage regulator since the servo runs lower than my power supply, ground is ground, and the signal was connected to one of the dedicated servo pins on the RAMPS shield. I switched to the manual rubber band idea because the Repetier software couldn't control the servo and the steppers at the same time without jittering.

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Will this work for the Bulldog Lite? I think the only difference is the gearbox right?

It should work, judging by the photo's I've seen of the bulldog lite since the mounting holes seem to be the same. But I've never physically seen a bulldog lite.
The only thing is you won't fit the default blower fan mount that comes with either version of the Bulldog. I designed this because I couldn't fit the E3Dv6 fan while using the bulldogs mount.
I will upload a photo of my current setup soon. I just noticed I haven't done that yet.

I am printing it now so I'll post my install later tonight but glad to hear it works. I had the same fan hotend fan issue you designed for.

Thanks for the great work here.

1200% ? What was you printing speed, and what is it now? Layer height?



My printer was a piece of shit. I was printing PLA at 210 degrees while extruding at roughly 3mm/s. Now I'm extruding at roughly 40mm/s at 190 degrees and I can probably still increase that since I'm not noticing any skipping/slipping.
I have a 0.4mm nozzle and my layer settings are 0.21mm and 0.25mm for the 1st layer. That hasn't changed with the bulldog btw. I'm still playing around with the settings.
One thing I should mention is that it was a MASSIVE pain trying to get the E3D hotend to fit. it still doesn't fit right which means I sometimes get weird lines sticking out of the print where the hotend moved. I just need to find a better way to hold it in.

Thanks - the massive improvement makes more sense then!



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