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by Tig29 Sep 10, 2014
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just a note there are only 12 planks at 30cm , not 13 as your notes suggest, Messed me up as I got just enough wood with a bit extra, after cutting the 13 30 inch boards i di dnot have enough to do the 35cm boards, prompting a second trip to the lumber store Grrrrr....

How do you sanitize / sterilize this ?
Do you emerge it in a sulfite solution or ?
Please let me know :) very interested.
Making pear-cider here 45Liters :)

Peter Lunk

Hi Peter,
It's a bit big to submerge so i ended up "painting" it with sterilising solution.
If you're going to press pears you'll definitely need to crush them first with something like this https://www.hibbitt.co.uk/prodinfo.php?prod=AH011
Even after that the compression forces you'll need will be much higher than grapes so you'll need a heavy duty lead-screw to carry the load.

Good luck, let me know how you get on.

My pears where made to most with a juicer and pasteurised at 80 deg. Celcius, then fermented for 18 days with specialised sweet-cider yeast ;) I have just done the heave over from the 1st bottles to the 2nd yeast phase...
I would use such a press in combination with cheese-cloth to press my most out ;)
Here is my wife doig a 1st taste inbetween yeasting vats and periods...
A lot of pics in comments too ;)
Thanks for your quick reply btw !!
Hae a great weekend !

I see, you're making it the other way round. It should work fine!
I had a look at your facebook page, seems like you have a good product.

You have a good weekend too.

After the 1st yeast round it's about 8-9% Alcohol. and still very sweet, wife loves it :)
When it's fully done in about 2months it will be about 12-14% Alc.
Be well and happy.
PL. out.

Any updates on this project? You still use the press of updated it?

I only used the press once. I had a bumper crop of grapes and I really wanted to make some wine. The wine turned out fine but the grapes are white and I really only drink red, so now I just eat the grapes! If I were to update it: I'd change the way the bottom attaches, maybe with some over centre latches, when the grapes are compressed in getting it apart was quite difficult. I'd also use a lead screw rather than a threaded rod. The threaded rod just adds too much resistance and limits the pressure you can generate, I had to press the grapes in quite small batches. I did learn that to pres grapes you really need to "tread" them first, the skins need to be split before they go in the press.

Cool to know...
I will make a remix later this weekend where the bottom attaches with some bolts and nuts...

I used PLA. Be sure to print with at least 3 shells to ensure the parts are strong and importantly waterproof for cleaning. A couple of observations when using the wine press, the triangular thread of the M12 screw presents a lot of resistance when applying significant pressure, idally you'd replace it with a trapezoidal or square thread but at the very least ensure the grapes are well crushed / trodden before you put them in the press. I also found the cake difficult to get out after pressing, I'd make more clearance in the bottom plate and possibly wrap the grapes in a muslin next time. If you build one I'd be interested to hear your experience.

Good Idea!
Did you use PLA or ABS?