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by markab Feb 1, 2013
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Great thing, please would check it seems the washers are not included to download

By the way, I reduced the BOM a bit, using a slightly different assembly:
No washers, instead I increased the rim around the ball bearings a bit. To fix the ball bearings in place, I printed 4 plugs, tightly fitting the holder axle bores. These plugs I pushed through bore on one side, the ball bearing, and the bore on the other side, using casing tongs, top end first, Reason: By also increasing bed temperature when printing those plugs, I made them to elephant foot very slightly. Idea was that this serves as an end stop of the plug on one side, but those plugs sit so tightly that this wasn't needed. Still, as the bottom plug ends (the print base layer end) still has a slightly increased diameters, that end is harder to push through the bores.
Therefore, besides ball bearings and holder base, only those 4 plugs were used, and no additional material needed. To avoid an overly thick rim (which needs to protrude over the outer ball bearings perimeter, I used smaller ones (688z, 8x16x5mm).

Happy it has inspired you to improve the design!!

For unknown reason did the original foot_base file not print well: OpenSCAD rendered it fine, and the resuĺting stl file was converted to gcode by slic3r, but only an incomplete thing was printed. While running the stl through admesh did correct a few things, the outcome was still incomplete. I then went through the scad file, factoring out a few things, simplifying some others, but not introducing any functional change, as far as I can judge - and to my surprise did the such changed scad print nicely now.
As I'm currently not into further exploration what went wrong and where it went wrong with your original version, I uploaded the modified .scad file under http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1755326 for purpose of accessing it, and, if so desired, incorporate some of the introduced changed. Thanks for publishing, and especially for also providing the source .scad file (which was the major reason why I went for your design, btw).
Reading through the other comments, I might have come across the same problem AlexCPU describes.

Remix: Filament Spool Holder

Thanks for the update, not had that issue reported, however it was one of my early designs.

slic3r v1.2.9 was what i used for slicing, running under Debian, with aarch64 architecture (an odroid c2). OpenSCAD, running on the same device, is version 2015.03-1.

another solution wooo

I like this, don't get me wrong. When the amount of filament on the spool gets low, the spool was picked up off of the foot and it ends up dangling off the back of the printer.

So unfortunately, I think I am back to looking for a new spool holder.

The fact that this is on the table and not the back of the Ultimaker makes the filament go into the feeder very straight and I can see what is going on.

This is a cool way to ease filament tension that I haven't seen before. Good Job!

Great design, thanks. Maybe include the plastic pins I used, no need for actual hardware.

Having a bit of an issue, Slic3r tells me there's a hole between (-44.4,11.5,0) and (-44.4,-11.5,0), and the join between the two bearing holders doesn't form, same problem with the RepRapPro Java based slicer as well. Unfortunately I've never played with SCAD, so have no idea how to fix it.

Plastic Washers print fine!

Process the spool base here: http://cloud.netfabb.com/http://cloud.netfabb.com/ it will fix your problem ;-)

Yes netfab should fix it, I will also fix in the source and republish later.

I usually use Cura to slice so have not tried it with Slic3r yet.

Working great for me! Thanks!

Great thanks for the comment, happy it is works for you!! would love to see a picture if you have one!

New versions uploaded