Customizable Bag Clip

by walter Feb 2, 2013
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in customizer, are outside and inside dimensions the same? or how do i figure that out? i want one 6 in long and 2.5 in wide.

customizer makes 2 exact copies tho labled inside and outside. wtf?

Where can i find the font files?

// Font used to render the label

_3b_labelFont = "write/orbitron.dxf"; // ["write/orbitron.dxf":Orbitron, "write/letters.dxf":Basic, "write/knewave.dxf":KneWave, "write/BlackRose.dxf":BlackRose, "write/braille.dxf":Braille]

check out write.scad (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16193)http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... it has the code and fonts needed to render text.


tnx a lot. I love these clips they very useful and strong!

I really like the idea of this object, but trying to remove the support material from PLA is a real pain. I guess this would be super with a dual extruder system.

I made some in PLA without any problems. Reduced the support from 50% to 15%

Who makes the plastic that you use? Those colors are a lot brighter than the stuff I have seen.

Most of my plastics come from Octave (http://www.octave.com/3D-Printer-ABS-Filament/c123457117/index.html)http://www.octave.com/3D-Print...

The colors used in the clip are fluorescent green, fluorescent red, glow in the dark blue, and gold.

Very nice presentation. Took you probably longer than designing the Thing itself. :-)

Probability of winning a 2X: High.

Amazing design!!! Thats is a very usefull object. I know there are some already in Thingiverse, but this one is really good! And you prints in different colors are very nice.