Customizable USB stick and SD card holder

by rhmorrison Feb 2, 2013
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Great except for the MicroSD slots don't really have any retention feature... one bump and they spill out.

Well I made one.. and after 1 hour and 40 minutes of printing, I still don't have a holder for microSD-slots (well.. with a bit of rework, I can make them fit)..

See attached pictures and comments in my make: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:359096

In essence, the 'bulgte' in front of the USB slots block the microSD-slots partially.

PS: I see a comment from 2016 about a new version that uses the builtin text module instead of write(), but the version in files is still the old one?

Customizable USB stick and SD card holder
by renelm

for anyone who might see this before printing with microSD-support. Apply this fix (and don't use the customer, unless you don't need microSD-slots, then by all means, go nuts).

At the end of the module USB_MicroSD() replace the very last translate-diference lines:

translate([0,-3.4,15]) {
    rotate([0,90,0]) {
        difference() {
            cylinder(h=USB_Holder_Length, r=3, center=true, $fn=200);
                cube([10,5,USB_Holder_Length+1], true);


This will make the rounded part match the roundness of the back of the box, no longer block the microSD-slots and still leave the USB-slots open.


The microSD slots where a bit meh sadly - the cards doesn't fit 100% they stick out from the storage place. Other than that is is really nice

I didn't see this comment until after I printed mine.. there is a bug in the code that means that the microSD slots are partially blocked by the round part in front of the USB slots.. can be fixed with a thin file..

the most I can do is 16 usb's then it puts a bump on the bottom of the stand. See this please, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1937651

it clued in to me what the slot/tabs meant so I can print 2 @ 10 each, thx

One of the best customizable designs in the website no question, but I believe it's about time for it to be updated with USB-C and micro-USB holders.

I really like your design. I like that you incorporated usb stick and micro sd and standard size sd chips.. THis has given me and idea bout creating an sd chip stoarge array by usb.. could give a person access to data stored an all thier sd and micro sd and USB chips at same time through one usb port..

Good idea! You could use a raspberry pi zero to turn it into one storage pool (It will act as one memory card) with easy hotswap!

i am interested in knowing more about your idea.

Basically, all of the USB/sd cards are connected to a raspberry pi which will 'mix' the drives together - e.g. if you wanted to store movies but ran out of space on your USB hub, then all you have to do is add another memory card/stick. So multiple drives become one USB drive - here's an article that explains this feature on an operating system: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2012/10/storage-spaces-explained-a-great-feature-when-it-works/

Thank you for your great design, I have made it several times for friends and family. I have also made a slight modification to the code so it can use openSCAD's built in text() function (and therefore tons of great font faces) instead of write(), if you are interested i will send you the tweaked .scad

Regards Matt

I would be happy to incorporate your improvements.

Great! i'll pop it on an email :)

Just FYI- I found someone who is selling your model, and not giving credit. You can find it here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/3D-Printed-USB-and-SD-Card-Holder-/262259737746?hash=item3d0fe60492:g:~ZEAAOSwqYBWpr5H

Thanks for the heads up. Have asked the seller to provide proper credit or remove the item. If he doesn't comply I will report him to EBay. Whether it does any good I can only hope.

what units are these in? i know this is weird but I have never printed an object before, i dont even own a printer, so I am using the windows ten feature 3d builder which builds it then ships it to you, but the first think that it asks me when i import is what unit im using, I cant find any answers so I would love a quick response.

STL files are dimensionless.
Standard is either millimeters (mm) or inches (in) although any unit could be used (feet, yards, miles, light year, parsec).
Download Netfabb Basic (http://www.netfabb.de/basic.php) and you can see the dimensions on any part of an object(s) in the STL file.
In this case you could measure the hole for a USB stick and then knowing (by measuring) a USB stick you could figure out what units are being used.
The majority of people use millimeters (mm) but many in the US (England, Australia) use inches (in).

If your printer doesnt fit the model, just print usb and sd individually like http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:950498/#files and http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:950501/#files

My Customized USB stick and SD card holder
My Customized USB stick and SD card holder

"Luke, Use the Source!"

Actually, I think it would be better to have the Compact Flash card slots in front of the USB sticks since they are often shorter.

I have an idea for a newer model of this. Add compact flash card slots to this behind the SD card slots. That would come in handy as I have 2 compact flash cards


However, this was just an improvement over the Sd, MicroSd and USB holder by eried, published Oct 10, 2011.
He designed a single object, mine is the same design (i.e. the design from eried) but mine added many, many options and the ability to specify how many slots of each type and where and if tabs and slots are added to the device.

And his design was a big improvement over a very simply USB stick holder.

So now we see the advantage of such object repositories such as Thingiverse is the ability to continuously improve on a design until it is so good that no one else wants to improve it.

Its amazing what these printers can do with the internet!

Im trying to use the same interlocking feature on a project of mine, I am using sketchup, how do you taper the slots and the tabs to fit correctly?

First of all, you make the hole a little bit bigger and then you could add a taper to the bottom of the tab so it goes into the slot easily.

Got it, I kept messing with it and found its actually really easy. Simply make the hole, then take the lines on the side and move them in/out. I just hope they are strong enough on my project.

Piece made smoothly.
All right.
Thank you.

Pieza realizada sin problemas.
Todo correcto.

Comments deleted.

Hello Sir, i have a problem any sign, can you check where is the problem please?

Device_Type = 3; //[1:USB sticks,2:SD cards,3:USB sticks & SD cards ]
Device_Order = 1; //[1:SD - USB,-1:USB - SD]
USB_Extra = 8; //[0:NONE,1:Micro SD slots,2:Pencil holes,4:Tray,8:Sign]
Sign_FONT = "Letters"; //["Letters":Basic,"BlackRose":BlackRose,"orbitron":Orbitron,"knewave":Knewave,"braille":Braille]
Sign_TEXT = "NAME";
Sign_HEIGHT = 4; //[4:12]
Sign_TYPE = 1; //[-1:Embossed,1:Raised]
Connector_Type = 3; //[0:NONE,1:Tabs right,2:Slots left,3:Slots left and Tabs right,4:Tabs back,8:Slots back]

//: Number of USB sticks
USB_sticks = 10; //[2:20]

And WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM (other than it is too long to print on a Thingomatic/Cupcake printer)?

Are you using the Thingiverse Customizer?

If NOT then you must have the Write library (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16193) installed for your OpenSCAD.
Follow the directions on where to place the files.


Hi friend, my problem is that i can not appear signs ! That signs is going to appear at the micro sd card place? What am i doing wrong?
I am using openscad to customize it, Is there any other customization program that i have to use?

I have place Write.scad,Letters.dxf in the folder that there is UsbStickSdCardHolderV2.scad and i have add


If the sign is not appearing then you do not have the write library in the proper directory.

Why don't you use the Customizer?

Just press the "Open in Customizer" button (at the top of the page).

If only the spacing between slots was adjustable as well. The sticks we use at work have slider buttons that make them JUST a little to wide to use every slot... (See my "I made one" photo)

The model prints nicely, though, and the joiners meet perfectly.

??? The spacing between the slots is adjustable!
It is named "Usb_Gap" and "SD_Gap".