Replicator 2 Fan Duct replacement

by MakeALot Feb 2, 2013
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This part breaks a lot. Nice to have a replacement. You've got some non-manifold geometry in there though. I also dropped the poly count. No need for 80 faces on a 1/8 inch bevel. Nice overall model though. Very similar to the original part, which I like. What program did you use to design this?

It was made in GeoMagic, I don't think you can get it anymore.

I was asking because Blender/Maya/3DSMax have scripts/plugins/modules that can do a check for geometry (non-manifold/zero faces/intersecting faces) that 3D printing doesn't like. It's made my life easier and reduced printing errors drastically. That was a lot of "/". I apologize. Once I cleaned up the part, it printed beautifully.

Hello, I am hoping one of you can help me out. I am also using a MakerBot Replicator 2. I am not exactly sure why this started happening, but on my last few prints once they start to get a bit of height, the bottom of the fan duct next to the extruder nozzle will ram into a corner of my print and knock the whole gantry back, ruining my entire print. I'm not that knowledgeable in this stuff, and don't really know what I did wrong. Here's a pic of the fan duct and nozzle. Thank you in advance for your advice! http://imgur.com/jzspKYW

I don't know why, but I've only just seen this message. I hope you worked out the problem ages ago.

thank you! saved me a lot of time!

You're welcome, I hope it works well for you.
I did have some issues with this version.
This one:
was much better in terms of air flow, but some people had a problem with its height.
The best one I've designed is this one:
It's much thinner, distributes the air all around the nozzle and doesn't require any screws.

Improved Rep 2 Fan Duct
Replicator 2 Fan Duct revisited

Yes mine almost got killed when it hit a cold blob. I think I better print this one before it happens again. The blob was a Makerbot defect in the nozzle. They replaced the nozzle assembly but what about the damage the blob did? Free fan duct maybe?

Made one and when I mounted it, the fan duct was below the extruder nozzle and I could not level the build plate. See the I made one picture

That's a shame, I guess that the combination of tolerances between the extruder tip and the fan mount are such that I have more room between the heater block and the tip than you do. I assume that you have pushed the fan duct up as high as it will go before tightening the screws? It can touch the Kapton tape as there is a ceramic insulator between it and the heated element. My extruder tip is approx 2 mm lower than the bottom edge of the duct, yours looks to be about 1 mm above. You need some clearance as the duct will knock things off the build platform it it's too low.

The insulator seems to be thicker and is pushing the duct down. The replacement duct from the fan output is exactly the same dimension as the original. I am going to thin up the top and it should allow the duct to rise the 2mm that I need. Let you know what happens.

Any chance you could post the model in Solidworks, Parasolid, STEP, or ProE format?

i ripped that thing off....its not in the documentation. thought it was a manufacturing leftover, since it was dangling down when received.

It will make a big difference to your PLA prints, this one is even better: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:51426www.thingiverse.com/thing:5142...

Improved Rep 2 Fan Duct

I ordered a replicator 2X and it doesnt have active cooling like the replicator 2 does for PLA so I thought why not just print the active cooling rig and I found this! Now I just have to find the fan lol

Hey Miggles, I am a Replicator 2 owner, I have a few questions about the 2X, would you mind if I hit you up? Really curious about a couple of things.


yeah sure, but I havent received it yet, It might be about 6 more weeks before I actually get it

I have made a better one, I'll post it soon.

This looks about the right size fan, be better checking with MBI for a part number though http://cy.rsdelivers.com/product/sunon/gb1205phvx-8aygn/dc-blower-50x50x15-maglev-12vdc/0126593.aspxhttp://cy.rsdelivers.com/produ...

Awesome! yeah if makerbot doesnt get back to me on the fan, Im sure thats the one. I also found it with the part number on digikey

awesome, I was looking at the replicator we have in the research lab at school and the only difference I notice with your piece is that the left side right above the port that the fan blows into is very thin and allows it to be flexed at that point which allows for it to be detachaed and attached without removing the whole fan assembly. and yeah I've been contacting makerbot to see if they sell the fan which they said they did, but they havent told me for how much yet