Keyboard Key Puller/Remover

by TBRIshtar Sep 15, 2014
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Used the long one for my IBM Model M Keyboard. Worked perfectly! Nice design.

Printed with Prusa PLA at 0.2 (Quality) with 35% infill on a Prusa i3 mk3. I used a brim, because my first attempt failed due to adhesion. PLA is less adhesive than what I normally print with (PETG), and that helped get a successful print the second attempt.

it was helpfull thanks

Great design. Thank you.


Fast (11 minutes without raft, 24 with), perfect (zero imperfections) if done w/o platform, and useful. Will test soon.

I don't know why just adding a platform (3 layers?) would more than double the work time. Perhaps I am in error and the first one (which looks adequate) I actually made in standard setting.

Settings - QUALITY: high / RAFT: with and without / SUPPORT: no / LAYER HEIGHT: 1.10 mm / INFILL: 15% / # SHELLS: 2

However, I do not recommend making it with a platform. Why?

  1. It takes longer ( see above).
  2. The texture to the hand (where taken apart) is rougher.
  3. There are white marks where removed.
  4. There is an imperfection at the bottom of the clip where it almost meets the main body. Examining it closely it appears to be from tearing up with my paint scraper. So, unless you are verycareful you can easily foul up. I thought I was doing it meticulously. Apparently not.
  5. The slim bit split already or somehow it didn't completely fill in.

None of these imperfections appeart to be substantial and the test will be 'field (er, office) use. But thing is, first try, without a platform, was perfect..

Conclusion - DON'T use a platform making this. Supposedly a platform is recommended for a novice like me? But it is not an improvement in any way.

Made with Makerbot Replicator 2

Needed the long one on a vortex vibe. Stock SA row 3 keycaps. Short one almost worked.

I printed it as is and it came out great! Thanks mate :-)

First tried printing without a raft and it failed, tried again with one and it printed perfectly. Works great on my Pok3r keyboard.

Did anyone tried this on a Razer Blackwidow?

i am gonna try this i have a old blackwidow ultimate 2013 ill put up here how it goes lol

I did! It works great!

Has anyone tried this on an actual Model M? I have some keys that could really use cleaning.

Works on Model M. ;-)

Used the long version.

It's a really quick, easy print. Why not just give it a go? :)

Great! Can you please add Cherry MX somewhere in your description. Searched the whole thingiverse for this thing.

I'd like to use one of these to remove my parents' Caps Lock key... :P