14 Simple Toy Designs

by mrigsby Sep 16, 2014
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Am almost done with the last 7 projects. Have to buy some pencils and balloons :)

In a few days I will try to upload a few relevant pictures to the 'I Made One' page....

Wow--can't wait to see them!

Seems am not able to upload a picture of my progress so far on the page hereabove: ' I made one'.
So here is the link where you can see that am already halfway with the projects :)


Very impressive work! It's nice to see that you are moving along so well.

And thank you for the clear instructions in your book. This helped me a lot!
The book should be introduced into the schools everywhere, it is playful learning while creating and fabricating :)

Thank you for the kind words! I hope that you will be able to create your own designs with the skills you are learning.

Thanks, yes, I already added some objects I have made in the past in 3D GameStudio: a kitchen, tables, chairs, cups, saucers etc. Added the pictures to my Google+ page too: https://plus.google.com/+miekevanderpoll/posts

Fully furnished--very cool!

Had a little trouble with the dolls house due to my 3D printer being very vulnerable to temperature differences. Haven't been able up till now to print out a straight wall. Either it curls in one corner when I use no raft or when raft is used, I am not able to remove it afterwards seemed glued to it. With raft on it I seem to not be able to use the clips correctly.... I have had trouble with larger square designs from the beginning....

Maybe if I print the walls and clips smaller.......

Scale smaller might work . . . I print the walls standing upright, but that's using PLA on a Makerbot Replicator. If I try something with too much surface area on the build plate, I'm not sure how I would get it unstuck. If the walls look pretty good, but the clips don't work because of the raft adding thickness, then scale the clips a little larger and see if that works.

Yes me too have experimented printing the walls standing upright, the flat wall goes alright, the window and doorwall develop too much supportive raft and even looked more ugly than printed lying down. But since 3D printing is a neverending story of trial and error and then suddenly: result, I can say today that I clicked the dolls house together, except for the roof walls which I am printing out now as I write this.

I will upload a picture of my results with 8 projects so far. Already halfway........... :)

I did already 6 projects (designing and 3D printing) Also translated a few pages. I will still have to find a way to combine the designing with taking the screenshots. I did with project 5 (the submarine, which is already a bit more difficult), but had to start all over again a few times. So I now decided to design all the projects first and print them out, before taking screenshots and translating the text.

I like the way you have choosen those objects, which all do have a play element in it afterwards. Very good for the fantasy :)

This sounds like a good approach. After you do a few projects, you will see that "extruding", "cutting holes" and other processes are actually the same procedure (just different sizes and locations for different toys); then it may be easier to know which steps are next and when to take a screenshot.

Thanks, yes it may be better for me to take screenshots when I really do understand what am doing lol :) I tried to follow exactly the screenshots in your book, but I already discovered that I can't do that and have to put in my own way. Anyway it is a great learning school and am having fun!

I've ordered your book through the online webstore Bol.com in my country (Netherlands) and received it today. Am going to work through it and print those designs for my grandkids. It is my intention to eventually teach (one of) my grandkids the art of designing and 3D printing. Therefore I would like to translate your book in my native language (Dutch). Could I get your permission to do that? In first instance only for my grandkids but maybe (if my translation is good enough) it will sell in my country too. There are no books at this moment that I know of in my country so straightforward as yours. Anyway, since I own a 3D Printer I have been waiting for a book like yours to appear :). So I will have fun with it!

Yes, you have my permission to translate the book for your grandkids. If the Dutch translation generates sales interest in your country, I'm sure we can work out permission arrangements that will be beneficial for you and me.

Thank you. Will keep you posted on my progress...