Double helix challenge

by chylld Nov 3, 2010
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Printed it all perfectly with my less-than-fully-functional Chinese generic €120 printer.

Are you able to model this with a reverse helix on this one?

Or can someone who knows what they are doing remix this model to be a reverse helix ?

I made the full print on my Da Vinci 1.0(A)!

I took the stl download here, put it in AXON, and printed two of them no problem. interesting that although I made no changes the second came out better than the first??!!!


As usual another great model from Chylld.

Thanks! :-D

Here is a picture of the Helix done with an UP! and a RapMan.

I am still fumbling through Axon/Skeinforge and I expect better results with the RapMan once I gain more knowledge.

This turned out to be much more challenging than I expected! I was printing it too fast, causing the tip of the extruder to push around the still hot layers beneath. Also, the layers of strings didn't stick together well for me. I will have to try again at a slower speed, but I uploaded my first attempt for now :).

By the way, I really like your base on this model! The facets look great.

I think the Cool plugin is a necessity to print this successfully, otherwise as you said it just gets too wobbly up the top.

The base is half of a soccer ball, stretched and squashed and with a couple of faces indented :)

Great design, thanks. Printed with ease. You say you got 9 rungs? Let's see, 96 layers - yup, I got 96 rungs. Does that count?

96 rungs would be pretty epic! Can you upload a photo?

I'm sorry, I mistyped my post. I don't know about "epic". I actually only got 95.

One collection of settings I have yet to play with is Oozbane. Perhaps it would help. Even so, I can barely detect any attempt to print distinct rungs here but it was fun anyway. Thanks again for the design.

Haha, no fair! I can print at 80mm/s easy, but my wade's can't extrude accurately enough at the low speeds that it takes to print this. I'll have to try again once I have an extruder built with my planetary gear stepper.

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