M41A Pulse Rifle

by Intentional3D Sep 17, 2014
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So what % do we need to increase it to to make to 1:1?

If it's 1:4 scale, then it needs to be 400%

Can you do a 1:1 scale?

A fair while on, but are you still printing these? I would love to know what a 1:1 would cost to get done and sent out. This is fantastic work.

Hello, is there any way you would consider selling me some of these. I love collecting aliens items. Also any plans on making the m56-smartgun or other colonial marine weapons? I am pretty good at solid work and auto cad, perhaps I could give you some drawings or other aline props. Either way think you for your time and awesome work! Also I managed to track down some from china, they seem like they are from the original hot toys 12 figures. But its from china so in about 12 days I will find out lol. I can't believe I bought something overseas off ebay....that just shows how desperate I am lol.

No problem. Tell me how big you want them and how many and I can give you a quote. I have no problem doing the smart gun but it wont be done any time soon.

Helllo good sir!

That is great news! You have got my full attention :) It would be easier for me If we communicate through email/text messages. I will shoot you an email with my information. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

That is a nice model, I'm printing it at 1:6 scale in abs right now. I think your scale is off though, this is like 1:12 scale when I bring it up. From what i can find on the googles the 1:1 prop is 69.5 cm long with the stock out. any plans for a motion tracker or other Aliens props?

840mm with stock out
alienuniverse reference

You are right, We scaled up the .stl in Makerware before printing. The motion tracker sounds like a fun project but we do not currently have any plans for additional Aliens props.


Awesome model :)


Thank You.