Maltese Falcon

by colinfizgig Feb 3, 2013
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I am trying to split the model in different parts, but my Inventor tells me the STL has no volume. As I understand it is possible to do the split in Meshmixer, but I am not proficient with that program. Any chance you could share this in another (Inventor importable) format?

This is the first thing I ever made on a 3D printer. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful design.

Thought you'd be interested to learn that Vanity Fair just published a long read called "The Mystery of the Maltese Falcon" here:


Looking at the photos of the various props in circulation, my first reaction was: "NONE of these look as good as the one on Thingiverse!"



Are the supports Necessary ?

yes.. if you look at the tail and the beak you'll see that they aren't supported by the layers under them and they would droop if you tried to print without support. That said, give it a go and see what you think.

Please look at my new remix.
Now you can print the Falcon without any extra support.

How does this differ from your old model, #26372 (no longer present) ?

it doesn't. I just put it back up.

Adam Savage might dig this. He has a great story about making his own Maltese Falcon: http://youtu.be/KRAWYjFmFII?t=9m41shttp://youtu.be/KRAWYjFmFII?t=...

Actually it was seeing his Ted talk and a request for something like this that made me start doodling in zbrush on this. A couple hours later I was done with this version.

Only later did the obsession kick in and hours and hours of searching the internet later, after I promised my self I would not catch the fever, did I realize that I was going to have to try and do the perfect version eventually. Luckily its not killing me to get it done just yet, so maybe time will heal my obsession.

Because 3d printing is the realization of "the dreams that stuff is made of".

lol.. exactly!

Nice model! How did you make it?

I modeled it in zbrush by eyeballing some photos from the internet. Ones from the movie and ones from props that have been made since. It's not 100 percent accurate. I took some liberties, but I have more source now and when I get the chance I may go back and try for something spot on.

I hope you do. Like Adam Savage, I, too, would love a very accurate one!