Orc with Club Miniature

by zxqueb Feb 3, 2013
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This looks great! I will try printing one tomorrow if I get a chance and see how it turns out.

I think the only way to get GW quality right now is to print using a wax printer and use that print to make a mold. Unfortunately, the wax printers that I know about are really expensive right now. I am not even sure if that would reach their level of detail.

I did notice that some of the miniatures in the Castle Ravenloft D&D set (and I assume other D&D sets) were made from 3D printed masters, and they have a nice level of detail.

Anyway, all of that to say that I really appreciate you guys out there making really cool things!

Thanks for the kind words! Be sure to post a picture when you get it printed!

I just got one printed and glued together. Printed it on a uPrint, and it turned out pretty good. I haven't painted it yet, but he looks like a keeper to me.

Looks like it turned out great! Can't wait to see it painted!

Man, that's an awesome model! Glad to see the system I use is working for you. Have you printed him yet?

Thanks! I tried to get the proportions more exaggerated than the last model to help it to print with more detail (hopefully). He is split up and I have the gcode generated, but I won't get to try to print him until I get to work tomorrow.

I printed this morning. I am more happy with the detail level overall, but I did a poor job of assembling it. I upscaled and will print again tomorrow. I don't think my printer will be able to get the level of detail I want in 28mm.

Final print has been painted and added above.

Man, I think he looks great! Its tough to get GW-quality detail in models 3D printed in 28mm, but its coming, and this guy is more than tabletop worthy. Well done! I'll be printing one of these, at the very least.

Thanks. The photo is of the upscaled version. He is sitting at about 60mm or so. I actually like the size of it. I have another model which I am just finishing up. I'll post it in a day or two.