Dancing Groot

by Cordavi Sep 18, 2014
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Just printed one for my wife and she loves the dancing groot, thanks for the model

I printed this with a raft on the xyz da vinci mini w for my mum and she loves it.

when i try to print, groot starts to wobble at around 80%

Mine did too. Are you printing raftless? My first try I printed raftless and he started wiggling so I am going to try with a raft now.

I'd recommend a raft always these days. It is much more reliable and I personally am fine with that as a trade off for a bit more time and material.

Originally when I was building this model and testing it I was using a very well leveled Replicator 2 printing directly on blue painters tape. I had a few come loose like mention above. I personally have never had an issue if I use a raft on MakerBot printers but again I haven't tested on many other printers beyond that.

I've updated the print directions now that Thingiverse has a section for it. Hope that helps and it prints for you.

I generally print raftless because I like to get the bottom of my prints nice and smooth (I print on a heated glass bed, UP BOX). Anyways I re-printed it with a raft and it printed great. Thanks for the model!

I have had tons of luck with a glue stick on a heated glass bed printing raftless if you aren't doing that already.

I did try glue in the beginning and it worked well but then I discovered... CHEAP hairspray. It works great! ABS,PLA,PETG,T-GLASE all print great on hairspray. All I do is clean the glass with acetone and spray a thin layer of hairspray on and let it dry. If your nozzle height is set up well then it works awesome :)

I made a remix of this where I basically stuck a solid cylinder in the middle of the pot so it is easier to print, but does not wobble/dance.

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how much does it weigh

This file is well made! I think I probably printed mine a little too fast. Check out the time-lapse video below! https://youtu.be/Ij0DrW1K6ZQ

I printed him with ABS using recommended settings. He looks great and dances fine. My kid loves him!

Hello, I printed twice and failed to turn, any recommendations?
Printed infill 10% and 20%

If you are referring to the movement, I finally got around to creating and uploading one that has more clearance between the side of the walls of the pot and the ball joint. Check out the thing files and download GrootDancing_LooseFit. Either of those infills should work. I will run a test print to verify the file tomorrow but it should be good if you print it out before I get too.

This printed so well in ABS.
Whatever adjustments you made were perfect.
I printed with default 2 layers, no support and 50% fill and it came out one of the best sculptures I've ever printed.
Thanks. The kids love it.

I tried the no support stl on a flash forge pro and I cannot seem to make it dance either.

Hi, I finally got around to address this, if your still interested you should try printing the GrootDancing_LooseFit file I just upload. Hopefully this will solve any issue of the ball joint fusing to the inside of the pot.

I can't seem to make it dance, am i missing something?

Hi, I finally got around to address this, if your still interested you should try printing the GrootDancing_LooseFit file I just upload. Hopefully this will solve any issue of the ball joint fusing to the inside of the pot.

There are a variety of things it could be. My best guess is the clearance (tolerance) for the ball socket dancing mechanism may need to be increased. I've had it happen on rare occasion where the ball mechanism will fuse to the pot. What printer are you using, are you scaling the size of the model, have you tried gently to get the ball mechanism to move or break free? These are just a few questions that may help me have a better idea what is going on.

Hi, I'm new to makerbot and everything, so I'm not exactly sure where to find the estimated print time or if it's listed. How long did it take to print this? Assuming I print under the same exact conditions as you? Thanks!

It depends on which printer you are using. In MakerBot Desktop when you go to "Export Print File" or if connected "Print" it will give you a print time estimate. My guess in most situations 2.5 to 4 hours.

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Hi. Thanks for an awesome design. It will make my daughter's holiday a little more special with her own Baby Groot.
I printed following your specifications with gold PLA on a Rostock Max V2 with E3D hot end and a .4mm nozzle. Printed first time with no issues. Thanks for sharing your work!

Hi, I seem to be having trouble printing Groot's head. I have a Ditto+ and when it gets to the hair it always malfunctions. I was wondering if I could possibly get Groot's head and body in separate files. I could print both and then later put the two together. I don't know of any other solutions... it's an awesome piece and I'm so excited to see the final product. Thanks.

Sorry for the late response. I'm uploading his head separated from his body. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much! Great work on the remix. May I ask what software you use to edit and design?

Cordavi states the software used on thing info

Hello mate, is there an email I could contact you on? Thanks :)

You can contact anyone by going to their profile and clicking "contact me"

I got my local library to try and print it on their Makerbot V2. For some reason it gets stuck after doing the pot on HD so they had to reduce it to standard definition. In standard definition, groot can't move and his fingers and hair get a bit wispy (I took some nail clippers to clean it up) and it's not as clean in general but it's still looking good.

Sorry to hear you ran into some problems with the print. In general if your running into a lot of stringing with your printer, you may want to decrease the print temperature a bit. I print at 230º C but you could try turn it down anywhere between 230-215º C. Hope that helps a bit.

Great design - kids love it! Printed with ABS no problem, but need to add some cooling or print two or more at a time to allow for layer cooling.

Not printed this yet, but I had to say well done for knocking this up. If this prints as well as I hope it will I'll have some very happy kids.

I printed the 2 pieces at 100% scale using Makerware and a Rep 2, but I can't seem to fit Groot in his pot. Am I missing something?


Sorry about that. You want to use the file that has groot already in his pot. He is a print in place.

Use the groot_dancing_no_supports.stl for your printer.

The two separate files are for people that are using a dual extruder printer like the MakerBot Replicator 2X. I should reorder the files/name them better when I get the chance.

I should have figured that out on my own haha. Thanks!

Gran trabajo, muchas gracias queda muy bien

Sorry Cordavi... This awesome I am gong to print a whack of them for comic con here in Edmonton. So do I need to turn on the raft or is it built in. (Rep 2)

The model does not have the raft built in. You don't technically don't need a raft if you level the build plate well but generally I used one in this case to make sure the outside of the pot and the peg in the middle adhere down to the plate well. So feel free to decide if you want one.

This is amazing! A friend just showed me how hers turned out, and it's perfect. I can't wait to print my own.

Hi, to make it dance you have to print it in two pieces? I already printed it twice but i cant make it move, I used the first file with 10% and 1% infill. Im sorry I am kind of new at these. I´ll be very grateful!!!!

I'm not 100% sure why it is not working because there could be a fair number of variables. What type of printer are you using? How about material? My best guess is I need to increase the tolerance(space between) the pot and ball mechanism for your printer/material. I can try to upload a looser version later today.

its a makerbot replicator 2 and the material its PLA. Thank you so much! :)

I have uploaded the MakerBot Replicator 2 X3G sliced file I used to print it. Go ahead and try it and make sure to break off the raft(bottom piece) once it's done printing. It should wiggle around a bit after that. Hope that helps.

What is the raft I have to break off?

Hooooray, we can't wait to print this guy tonight!

Any chance of posting the pot and the groot separately as I was thinking of using bricklay and woodlay to make this. Thanks

Sure, I should be able to do that. I'll cut him away from the internal moving platform and you will have to glue him on or something. If I have time maybe I can make him snap in. I may not be able to get around to doing this till Monday but I will reply here when it is up.

No, I don't think I made myself clear. I have a dual extruder bot and I just need the pot separated so I can tell the slicer to print it with the other nozzle. I'd do it myself but I can't seem to get the stl to open in anything other than my slicer.

No other changes required to the design which is awesome by the way.

No worries. That one is much easier. You can use something like Meshmixer which has a Separate Shell option which will split the non interacting parts of the model into individual parts. I have upload the two parts. Glad you enough the model.

Much appreciated, thanks. I'm really looking forward to getting this printed,

May I ask you what color did you use? PLA true brown? Thank you!

Hi, yes it is MakerBot True Brown PLA.

Does it require supports?

No supports should be needed if printing with PLA and an active cooling fan.

I haven't tested ABS.

absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!